RMK 2013 Sherbet Moisturizing Soap – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

RMK has recently announced their newest product named Sherbet Moisturizing Soap. The new soap will be released as a Limited Edition product and it was created even for the most sensitive and delicate skin types.



Japan Launch Date – 5 April 2013 and online @rmkrmk.com

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The new RMK Sherbet Moisturizing Soap surrounds the skin with its formula combined from moisturizing plant ingredients and miracle fruit extract leaving your skin feeling fresh and with a moist feeling. It contains Eucalyptus and mint extract that will give a sensation of cool, gently cleaning and preparing the skin. After using the sherbet Moisturizing Soap which doesn’t dry up your skin you will notice a discreet smell of mint chocolate. It has a creamy texture and doesn’t stretch the skin after using it.


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