RMK 2014 Summer Collection

Hello beauties!

News about RMK 2014 Summer Collection are keep on coming and this time I greet you with the first promo image of this upcoming collection. I surely feel the summer much closer to my heart when I look at this photo and I can almost feel the warm breeze of the see. Indeed this collection makes us think heavenly of the upcoming summer vacation as it was inspired by three exotic locations: French Riviera, Capri and Costa Rica



Japan Launch Date – 2 May 2014

I gave you a quick peek at the upcoming RMK makeup products in a previous article and told you a little bit about what this collection is going to include. I don’t have the full color story yet but I will tell you that we should expect 15 new shades of Powder Cheeks N and 24 new Genius Powder Eyes N monochromatic eye shadows to match them. Kaori also formulated a new eyeshadow base in an universal shade. Don’t forget to check out my previous article for more details and extra photos.

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