RMK 20th Anniversary Collection

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RMK celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a special limited edition Makeup Collection. If you are curious to find out more, follow me right after the jump for all the details.

To celebrate RMK 20’s birthday we are pleased to present a range of limited edition items. Find a style unique to you, and enjoy your making up. This one-off ensemble expresses the essence of Kaori’s key idea, empowering you with the look you want today.


Japan Launch Date – 10 March 2017

RMK 20th Anniversary Collection

RMK 20th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

Each time you open the compact with its stylish design you’ll join the celebration of love for 20 years of RMK, marked in fitting style by this set of six eyeshadows. Choose from matte, pearl and shiny textures to create striking eyes in a pure natural finish, using the benefit of its buildable formula. Use the colors solo, or blend to your taste, as your day’s mood dictates.

RMK 20th Anniversary Brush Kit – Limited Edition

This limited edition set of five brushes, essential for a professional-looking finish, comprises three different types of eye makeup tools. Eyeshadow brushes designed for gradation and for softly shading-off colors; Eyeshadow tips for enhancing hues and setting pearls; Eyeliner sharpens the line, filling in the gap between the roots of lashes for a cleaner definition. Comes in soft velvet case, so you can take it anywhere for touch-ups.

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N

  • EX-19 Romantic Beige Pink (New & Limited Edition)
  • EX-20 Amber Apricot (New & Limited Edition)
  • EX-21 Golden Shine (New & Limited Edition)
  • EX-22 Chocolate Mauve (New & Limited Edition)
  • EX-23 Fine Brown (New & Limited Edition)

RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks N

  • EX-16 Translucent White (New & Limited Edition)
  • EX-17 Pure Coral (New & Limited Edition)
  • EX-18 Rose Brown (New & Limited Edition)

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