RMK Base Makeup Collection Fall 2013 – Update!

Hello beauties!

RMK just launched the new Base Make Collection for fall 2013 last week and even though I posted the color story and close-up photos last month, there are still things to be said.

Visible perfection that you can rely on. The 4 determining factors that define perfect skin consists of a polished smooth surface, plum dewy texture, en even coloration and a translucent glow. RMK launches 2 multi-tasking skin perfectors infused with rich skincare ingredients, creating results you can rely on throughout the day. The new advanced primer, Creamy Polished Base N banishes pores and bumps for the smoothest surface. The new super fine finishing powder will add a veil of translucent glow to keep the graying of your foundation at bay, keeping your fresh evenly-applied foundation fromĀ  morning to night.



Japan Launch Date – 6 September 2013 @rmkrmk.com

UK Launch Date – September 2013

Take a peek and discover more!

RMK Fall 2013 Base Makeup Collection

Creamy Polished Base N – New – 30 g (UK: SPF 10)

A creamy textured primer guarantees to create an even gliding veil over pores and any unevenness of the skin through the use of 3 different types of semi-translucent particles. Its soft focusing light optimizing properties will diffuse any imperfections, filtering to create a flawless translucent touch to the skin. Infused with a superior moisturizing Royal Jelly extract, BCarotene and pore-tightening Rosemary Extract, they work to retain the perfect texture and glow to last. Choose from the 3 basic shades to match your tone or the 2 tone-correcting shades.

  • EX-01 Pink (for pale tones, adds a bit of flushed pink glow) SPF 13
  • EX-02 Coral (targets the dulling of the skin tone) SPF 13
  • 00 Transparent (adds a translucent veil, suitable to all skin tones) SPF 14
  • 01 Ivory (for lighter skin tones, brings out a soft healthy glow) SPF 14
  • 02 Natural Ocre (for medium skin tones, brings out a natural glow) SPF 14

Translucent Face Powder SPF 13/ SPF 14 (UK: SPF 10) – New

A setting powder with oil-controlling properties to eliminate unwanted shine, keeping your fresh, evenly-applied foundation to last for hours. With the W Snow Leaf powder technology and soft focusing acrylic powder, they work together to deliver a gliding soft focus veil over the skin, creating light optimizing properties to filter for a flawless translucent touch. Also its rich blend of moisturizing ingredients work to plum up your skin from within the perfect texture and glow to last.

  • N 00 – transparent type to bring out a velvety semi-matte finish (SPF 13) (8.5 g)
  • P 00 – pearl type to add radiance and to target dulling of the skin tone (SPF 13) (8.5 g)
  • #01 – for lighter skin tones to bring out a soft healthy glow (SPF 14) (8 g)
  • #02 – for medium skin tones to bring out your natural glow (SPF 14) (8 g)

Gel Creamy Foundation SPF 25 (Not available in UK)

A breakthrough combination of fresh dew-like texture of gel gives the ultimate crystalline natural skin, and the richness of the cream to provide coverage. This foundation fits to the skin to make all surface bump free, whilst abundant doses of natural premium skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid will work to pamper the skin beneath, allowing for the skin to glow through the makeup. This skin perfection with its sebum-absorbing Micro Mist Powder and anti-oxidizing Sage Extracts lasts throughout the day.

  • 101
  • 102
  • 103
  • 104
  • 104
  • 201
  • 202

Foundation Brush

Crafted carefully with the best blend of natural hairs, calculated lengths, volume texture and shaped tip, RMK Foundation Brush will give you the perfect result in just one stroke. The brush is easy to use and designed specially for ease of controlling your foundation on the skin. The brush contours at all angles and glides on perfectly for a smooth finished surface.

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