RMK Christmas 2012 Palette – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

We all know a sneak peek of RMK Christmas 2012 Palette is not enough to satisfy our curiosity so here is the official info and several photos of this palette.

To celebrate the holiday season in style, RMK offers a limited edition palette filled with vibrant seasonal hues in a cute leopard printed tote bag. The quad eyeshades are accompanied by trio shades of blush iwth mascara and a lipstick to create diverse coqueltish looks of the season, complete with brushes. All shades channel this season’s sultry to azure eyes, with the cheek colours complementing the skin’s shimmery glow, with lips to match.


International Launch Date – now @rmkrmk.com/onlineshop/

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RMK Christmas 2012 Palette


  • Purple Eyeshadow
  • Pale Purple Eyeshadow
  • Brown Eyeshadow
  • Gold Eyeshadow
  • Silver Cheek Blush
  • Pink Cheek Blush
  • Brown Cheek Blush
  • Two Eyeshadow Brushes
  • One Cheek Brush
  • Irresistible Lips B in EX-01 Pink (mini size)
  • Separate Curl Mascara in #01 Black (mini size)

Enjoy more photos…

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