RMK Color Performance Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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I just finished posting about RMK Holiday 2015 Collection (info, photos) and now I stumbled upon this photo of the new RMK  Color Performance Spring Summer 2016 Collection. Just a teasing though, not very precise info at this moment but the collection was presented last week in Japan so I was able to have a first look at the new RMK spring makeup items and nail polishes.



Japan Launch Date – 15 January 2016

RMK Color Performance Spring Summer 2016 Collection

  • Color Performance Eyes: 6 shades (2 will be Limited Edition)
  • Color Performance Cheeks: 5 variations (2 will be Limited Edition)
  • Spring Circus Face Color
  • Ingenious Powder Eyes N (2 shades, Limited Edition)
  • Ingenious Powder Cheeks N (2 shades, Limited Edition)
  • Nail Color EX: 5 shades (all Limited Edition)
  • Irresistible Bright Lips: (2 shades, Limited Edition)
  • Irresistible Glow Lips: (3 shades, Limited Edition)

This winter RMK will also launch a new line of lip products, so I invite you to discover bellow the 11 new shades of RMK Lip Jelly Gloss. Asia Launch Date is set for 1 December 2015.

  • 01 Spark Red
  • 02 Romantic PInk
  • 03 Coral (Taiwan Only)
  • 04 Pearl Orange
  • 05 Shiny Pink
  • 06 Candy Pink
  • 07 Coral Pink
  • 08 Lavender
  • EX-01 Champagne Sparkling Ruby
  • EX-02 Lustrous Powder
  • EX-03 Bright Pink

Enjoy more photos…



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