RMK Fall Winter 2013 Layering Colors Collection – Color Story & Photos

Hello sweeties!

It’s time for more than a sneak peek of RMK Fall Winter 2013 Layering Colors Collection that I’ve talked to you about in a short article last month when RMK announced Kaori as the new Creative Director.



Japan Launch Date – 18 August 2013

If you are curious for more take the jump and discover the entire collection.

RMK Fall Winter 2013 Layering Colors Collection

Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes – New

  • #01 Gold x Pink Silver
  • #02 Brown Beige x Brown Copper Gold Bronze
  • #03 Deep Purple x Light Purple
  • #04 Moss Green x Silver Green
  • #05 Mocha Brown x Copper Gold

Sheer Cheeks Powder – New Shades

  • #05 Natural Pink
  • #06 Natural Beige
  • #07 Natural Rose

Irresistible Lips B – New Shades

  • #30 Coral Beige Brown
  • #31 Coral Pink

Gloss Lips N – New Shades

  • P-11 Coral Brown Beige
  • P-12 Glossy Sheer Orange

Nail Color EX – 12 ml

  • CL-11 White Beige
  • P-34 Deep Purple
  • EX-07 Purple Gray

Enjoy more photos…









  1. Ingenious Cream & Powder Eyes seems look like Dusty Bright Eyes in existence.
    Is it renewal version of Dusty Bright Eyes? Dusty Bright Eyes are discontinued?

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