RMK Fall Winter 2016 Silver Screen Collection

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I don’t know how I could forgot about RMK Silver Screen Collection that was released for fall winter 2016. The collection is still available a little longer in shops if you want to check it out.


The click-whirl of a film projector. Flickering images swim into view. Behold, the diva legends of cinema’s golden age on a silver screen! This autumn, RMK brings you a makeup collection inspired by the nostalgia of classic Hollywood cinema. Timeless hues and alluring textures endow your expression with nobility and glamour. Graceful yet casual, nostalgic but ‘now’. Why not step outside your standard repertoire of roles with hues stylized by RMK’s sense and sensibility?


International – Now at RMK counters (Selfridges)

RMK Fall Winter 2016 Silver Screen Collection

Classic Film Eyes – Limited Edition

A range of glistening water-based eye shadow, rich with deep metallic finish, creating that imperious and gloriously radiance on eyes. Its liquid texture transforms to smooth powder on application, intimately clothing the skin like a film layer, setting your eyes ablaze with long-lasting beauty. Our image is the screen goddess, matchless in art, timeless in beauty. Choose from the seven colors which redolent of the classic age of cinema.

  • 01 Silver Screen
  • 02 Monochrome
  • 03 Classic Film
  • 04 Classic Pink
  • 05 Mocha Sepia
  • 06 Antique Pearl
  • 07 Sepia

Classic Film Cheeks – Limited Edition

A range of liquid blusher to tint your cheeks so the color seems to flash from within. Its non-pearlescent formulation delivers a color pure clear and simple, letting each hue shines out in its own nature. Buildable texture allows you to fine tune the finish, creating a vital glow that lasts.

  • 01 Classic Peach – fresh peach
  • 02 Charming Pink – innocent pink
  • 03 Nude Haze – sexy beige
  • 04 Open Rose – sophisticated rose
  • 05 Classic Berry – top-drawer class berry

Classic Film Gloss – Limited Edition

A range of feather-light gloss comes in subtlety of color and a hint of natural glamour. It reacts with the moisture of your lips, gradually imbuing them to yield a shade of color unique to you. Choose from the innocent pink to grown-up rose – four thrilling possibilities for you to explore. Why not choose something out of the ordinary and flaunt a new you!

  • 01 Light Coral
  • 02 Light Pink
  • 03 First Rose
  • 04 True Rose

Nail Color EX – Limited Edition

  • EX-59 Classic Silver
  • EX-60 Classic Grey
  • EX-61 Classic Khaki
  • EX-62 Classic Sheer Pink
  • EX-63 Classic Brown

W Eyebrow Colors – New

  • 01 Caramel Gold
  • 02 Marron Brown
  • 03 Golden Mauve
  • 04 Red Brown

Enjoy more photos…

rmk-silver-scren-2016-collection-1 rmk-silver-scren-2016-collection-2 rmk-silver-scren-2016-collection-3 rmk-silver-scren-2016-collection-4

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