RMK Modern Collection for Spring-Summer 2010

The new Modern Spring Collection by RMK consist of strong and unique colors that will give full dimensional sense of depth in makeup.


The collection contains:

RMK Modern Mini Stacked Eye Shadow Palettes

RMK modern mining stacked plate

RMK Modern Mini Stacked Cheek Palettes

RMK modern mining stacked plate (cheeks)

RMK Lure Color Lipstick

RMK lure color lipstick

RMK Nail Color

RMK Nail Color


  1. I like the fact that when a lot of other things coming out are delicate and flowery, these are so bold and simple. I’ve never heard of RMK before, but I’d definitely like to give some of those quads a try.

  2. Hi Rebecca! I’ve never tried RMK before either buy I like their nail polishes colors 🙂

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