RMK Spring 2013 Base Makeup Collection – Official Info & Photos

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RMK launches their new Spring 2013 Base Makeup Collection which features three new products to help you achieve a perfect makeup base or conceal your spots or dark circles.


Using the state of the art technology, the new Control Color UV is an all rounder primer that tone-corrects using light illuminating particles, caring and protecting your skin with high SPF and PA++ properties. New additions to Super Basic Liquid Concealer that comes with high UV protection and added “counter tone-balancing” technology that banishes dark circles or redness. Smoothing Stick is an all round surface corrector with a deliciously smooth water base texture, which perfects the skin surface of bumps, pores and excess oil whilst moisturizing the skin. All 3 items work to prep your skin to perfection for the ultimate translucent glow.


International Launch Date – March 2013

Discover the entire collection and promo photos right after the jump.

RMK Spring 2013 Base Makeup Collection

RMK Control Color UV SPF 30 PA++ – 30 ml

Control Color UV is an all rounder primer that corrects your tone and protects your skin with high SPF and PA++ properties. Its serum-like texture blends into the skin, filtering light away from irregularities of tone or pores with counter-tone colors, and revealing an instantly balanced tone and delicate sheen of your natural complexion.

  • #01 Silver – adds natural inner glowing sheen
  • #02 Pink – adds a delicate feminine glow
  • #03 Coral – adds a healthy bright glow

RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer SPF 28 PA++

The Super Basic Liquid Concealer now comes with high UV protection and added “counter tone-correcting” shades. By diffusing light with counter shades, the new concealers work better for areas as dark circles around the eyes or redness around the nose that are prone to graying using skin tone shades. The perfect coverage comes in an easy to use pen. Just turn that dial to squeeze the right amount on to the brush end.

  • EX-02 Pink – alleviates appearance of dark circles under the eyes
  • EX-03 Blue – acounters redness around the nose, and adds translucency to the tone.

RMK Smoothing Stick SPF 14 PA+ – 5.8 g

This Smoothing Stick is a surface corrector with smooth gel texture that fits to five your skin coverage like no other. It is infused with rich moisturizing blend to keep the skin moist and plump from within, whilst the use of Smoothing Leaf Powder technology will deflect light for shine prone areas and control excess oil during the day, drastically minimizing all bumps and pores for a visibly smooth surface.

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