RMK Spring 2013 Intensive Brightening Essence – Official Info & Photos

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RMK launched a few days ago the Intensive Brightening Essence, a evolutionary treatment that prevents and reverses hyper-pigmentation for brighter looking skin. This is the second RMK essence that I get to write about after the RMK Firming Essence (info & photos) I presented you the Autumn of 2012 when it was just hitting the counters.


RMK Intensive Brightening Essence targets all forms of hyperpigmentation – from prevention, reversal and treatment of existing marks. Using the latest technology to deliver natural ingredients deep into the cells, this serum brightens the complexion, targeting dullness resulted from UV exposure and aging of skin. Scented with fresh Spearmint, this liquid formulation absorbs easily into the skin to reveal visible results – for a translucent, moisturized and brighter complexion.


Japan Launch Date – 8 March 2013

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Intensive Brightening Essence comes in a tube of 30 ml and enhances the skin’s clarity with multi approachers: Rhododendrol to prevent UV damages and reverse the Melanin formation, Orange Extract and YUZY extract to surge the skin and reveal the never experienced translucency, uplifting the skin with the refreshing watery texture and spearmint scent for the ultimate brightening experience.

How to use it:

Use twice a day after moisturizing lotion and before moisturizing cream. Apply 2 to 3 pumps of the essence over the entire face. Gently wrap and push into face palms for deeper penetration.

Brightening and whitening – prevention, reversal and treatment

Active Whitening ingredient – Rhododendrol acts on treating reversing melanin production, restraining the formation of hyperpigmentation. Also Glycyrrhetinic Acid, moisturizing ingredients such as 2 types of Raspberry Extracts and Raffinose work to prevent and remove further causes.

Targeting dullness of complexion – dehydration

Dehydration is one cause of dull skin. Moisturization deep within and on surface is vital as complexion to the eye is determined by the light reflected from both layers. Not only does RMK’s signature ingredients of Royal Jelly Extract and B Carotene deliver much needed moisture, vitamins and amino acid to deeper cells, it helps boost Hyaluronic Acid which plumps the skin from deep within on both Epidermis and Dermis layers. Orange Extract will further boost this by enhancing Filaggrin formation which regulates moisture on the surface of the skin.

Targeting dullness of complexion – blood circulation

Dull skin is a result of a natural decline in blood circulation and yellowing of the skin is due to a chemical reaction (AGE) of protein with sugar. YUZU Extract accelerates the blood circulation and Milk Derivative neutralizes  the chemical process to keep signs of dull at bay.

Spearming scented for soothing brightening experience

RMK Intensive Brightening Essence is scented with deliciously fresh Spearmint with a faint sweet note. It melts into liquid form on application to uplift your skin and soul for brighter looking skin.



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