RMK Spring – Summer 2013 Flawless Airy Matte Collection – Sneak Peek

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Let’s take a sneak peek at RMK Spring / Summer 2013 Flawless Airy Matte Collection launching next month in Japan. This collection feature products in different pastel colors, nothing to bright or vibrant just a nice palette of soft pink, blue, light green and silver shades. I’m really liking this collection so far because RMK does a nice subtle transition from the dark heavy winter colors to a light airy matte collection.


Japan Launch Date – 18 January 2013

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RMK Spring/ Summer 2013 Flawless Airy Matte Collection

Airy Matte Eyes – Limited Edition

They come in green, light blue, silver, brown and pearl white shades.

Airy Matte Blush – Limited Edition

Available in 4 peachy and pink shades.

Lip Liner – Limited Edition

Available in 6 shades.

Nail Color EX

Available in 4 colors of green, light blue, deep pink and caramel shades.

Separate Curl Lash Mascara N

Will be available in 3 permanent shades and one limited edition shade.

Enjoy more photos…

Photos tweeted by sekitatsu74, abesawako and tomoichi.


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