RMK Stunning Series Nail Polish Collection for Spring – Summer 2010

Nail Cosmetics brand Rumiko is known for its excellent nail polish colors that are always in trendy and it’s popular textures. For 2010 RMK has prepared an amazing collection of 30 nail colors in pearl, transparent candy and glossy tones. The new collection also contains a top coat, 2 glitter nail art liners, nail polish remover and one oil for cuticles.

The new collection will be available starting 1 May 2010. Each bottle of nail polish contains 12 ml of product. After the jump I invite you to take a look at more photos and read the details about all the products included int his collection.

RMK Stunning Nail Polish – 12 ml

Available in 30 new shades with a variety of rich textures and colors, excellent durability and quick-drying. Each nail polish contains royal jelly and fruit essences from Hawaii to avoid dry nails and to show a glossy effect.

Glossy Nail Polish

Glittery Nail Polish

Bright Nail Polish

RMK Nail Art Liner – 8 ml

Available in 2 colors:

  • #01 Gloss Silver – silver pearl particles
  • #02 Gloss Chan Kim – polarizing pearl and sequins

RMK Base & Top Coat – 12 ml

The color base and the coat combo work together for a double-effect to help your nail polish color fix better on your nails giving the perfect gloss and top durability. Contains moisturizing ingredients like Royal Jelly and essences from Hawaii fruits that will help protect your nails.

RMK Nail Polish Whitening Remover – 100 ml

Has a high cleaning power, removes glitter and dark nail polishes very quickly without effort. This nail polish remover contains high moisturizing ingredients like Jojoba oil and Royal Jelly essence. You won’t have to worry about your nails becoming yellow after you have been wearing a darker nail polish because this remover has also a whitening effect. The product comes in a lavender purple square type bottle with silver cap.

RMK Nail Care Gel Oil – 2.2 ml

Nail Care Gel Oil contains mineral oils with high permeability and high moisture capacity thanks to silicone oil, Jojoba oil and other 3 kinds of oil. It also contains Royal Jelly essence that will give the nails and skin moisture. When you’ll apply it you will feel a faint scent of lavender that will also help you relax. It has a pen-like style that can be taken with you any time and can be used in any occasion.


  1. RMK nail polishes are really high-quality. I have RMK base coat and top coat and it was like $25 for each in 2004. After almost 6 years, they still work fabulously. Very glossy and for 6 years, I NEVER had to buy another base/top coat 🙂

    • Hi Eve! Thanks for sharing this because I never used RMK before. The price is really high but hey 6 years is a long time even for a top coat so it looks like it is worth the money. 🙂

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