RMK Summer 2017 Color Mosaic Collection

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RMK Summer 2017 Color Mosaic Collection includes a lot of nail polishes among other beauty items. The new RMK nail polish range is divided into four textures: clear, pearl, shiny and matte. There will be 32 colors, including gorgeous glitter polishes and new shades that the basic pink and beige that we’ve seen so far. The packaging has also been renewed so the bottle looks more appropriate for adult customers as well.


Japan Launch Date – 28 April 2017

RMK Summer 2017 Color Mosaic Collection

Collection Includes:

  • RMK Ingenious Powder Cheeks in No.13, 14 and 15 (New Shades)
  • RMK Lip Jelly Gloss in No.09 and No.10 (New Shades)
  • RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes N in No.20, 21, 22, 23, 24 (New Shades)
  • RMK Matte Mascara N in No.01, 02, 03, 04 (New Product)
  • RMK Matte Top Coat (7 ml) (New Product)
  • RMK Clear Top Coat (7 ml) (New Product)
  • RMK Base Coat N (7 ml) (New Product)
  • RMK Nail Polish (7 ml) (32 Shades) (New Product)

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  1. Thank you so much for this infornation. Oddly enough they have a kiosk in one of our upscale malls and I always passed them by believing it was low quality or something that couldn’t be returned if I was not satisfied. I may stop the next time!

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