Rouge Bunny Rouge Anti-Ageing Seraphic Veil Moisturizer – Review & Photos

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After using Rouge Bunny Rouge Anti-Ageing Seraphic Veil Moisturizer for the past couple of months it’s time to share with you my thoughts. For my B-day when RBR offered me a  € 100.00 gift card so I can choose anything I want from their online boutique the Anti-Ageing cream was top of my list. I’ve already shared a preview as my first impression a few months ago and now after I’ve been using this product as a day and night cream I can disclose my entire experience. Because it’s a skin care product I like to take my time before posting a full review and the fact that the season was changing from cold to warm made me delayed the review even more just so I can give you an opinion about my full experience of using this product through winter and spring.


My skin type

I have a sensitive combination skin and I think it’s essential to mention this at the beginning because I’m sure you have different skin types and what works for me might not work for you. Because of my sensitive skin type I tend to break out in the first week if I don’t get along with a specific cream but breaking out doesn’t always mean that the product is not working.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Anti-Ageing Seraphic Veil Moisturizer (€ 64.00/ $83.00 for 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz) is described as a nutrient-rich, feather-light cream that lifts away surface imperfections, effectively minimises the signs of visible skin ageing and moisturises with a delicious cocktail of active ingredients to help your skin regain its biological youth. Thanks to Tri-functional Collagen Treatment and a unique mixture of botanically-derived peptides, your collagen is boosted and protected thus increasing your skins’ tone and elasticity and minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Tocopherol fights and repairs the damage caused by free radicals.

I got the product in full size so I can tell you everything about the packaging. It comes in heavy semi-transparent glass jar with a black cap  that bears the discreet RBR logo. The packaging is simple yet elegant judging by the discreet black flowers, branches and fruits painted over the glass. The product is easy to use but I feel is not that hygienic as a bottle with a pump or a tube would have been. The ingredients tend to loose their properties while they get exposed to air and dust everytime you use the product.

I like my skincare products to be scent free or to smell sweet or fresh but this anti-ageing moisturizer has a very different and unique scent. It took me a while to get used to its strong scent as I can’t say is very pleasant as it resembles a wax candle and mixture of oils. You might consider the cream is enriched with Squalene and Essential Fatty Acids from Safflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Macadamia Oil.

Considering I have a combination skin I indulge in lotions, moisturizers and serums with a light formula. This product has a thicker formula than what I would expected from a moisturizer and it feels a bit rich for my skin. It was OK to use it during winter and as a night cream but once the spring was here the weather got warmer I choose to use the Anti-Ageing Moisturizer only as a night cream.

I used it both day and night during winter and while I was perfectly satisfied with how my complexion looked in the morning I had a different experience during the day. Once I applied the product on my face after cleansing I felt an instant warmth as my face was feeling moisturized. It feels great on the skin, giving it an instant feel of smoothness and hydration while after 30 minutes I started noticing how my T zone became more and more shiny. I used this product as a makeup base but when I didn’t added a mattifying makeup base on top my face became oily within an hour. I got along better with this product once I let it do its wonder for about an hour and only later I applied a full face makeup. If you have normal or dry skin type your skin might enjoy better the moisture and hydration that this cream provides.

Once spring came up and the weather got warmer (some days were summer hot) I decided to use this moisturizer mostly during the night and only in the morning if I didn’t plan to go out for the rest of the day or to apply makeup. I feel its a bit to reach for my combination skin type and my face becomes oily withing 10 to 15 minutes after I applied this product especially if there’s a warm or hot day. I haven’t experienced any breakouts, pimples or redness in both winter or spring and this moisturizer was gentle with my skin right from the beginning.

I would really recommend this product to those with sensitive, normal and dry skin types as they would find this product highly moisturizing, while it calms the skin, soothes it and can be used as a makeup primer. For those with oily/ combinations skin types this product can work beautifully as a night moisturizer in any season and during the day in the cold season or if you live in a colder, windy or less humid climate.

Now let’s talk anti-ageing effects since this is another promise that this moisturizer makes. I’m over 30’s and I use anti-ageing products like this one that helps freshen up my skin, giving it a healthy glow, lifts it up and combats anti-aging signs like face lines, expression lines, minor wrinkles and tired skin. This product was a true friend and reliable friend in this combat and my skin feels great. The price can be a bit on the expensive side for some but I choose to splurge on good quality face creams anytime over a few makeup items. It also has the Seraphic Veil which helps your skin cope with everyday stress, pollution and UV irritation due to Cotton Extract.
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I hope you enjoyed reading this review and it will be helpful for you if you choose to buy this product. If you have any thoughts or questions I would be happy to read them in the comments bellow.

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