Round-up: Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour & Colour Gloss

Today was a busy day for me but it’s finally coming to an end. I finished reviewing all the Lipfinity products by Max Factor so here is the Round-up of these gorgeous lip products.

I really enjoyed testing and wearing them and I have to say that indeed they are long lasting. Kiss proof, waterproof, food proof and party proof, all of these are completely true. They might not last 10 or 12 hours without retouching but I can guarantee you a period of 6-8 hours. I’ve tested all these lip products on myself and I’m 100% satisfied with their quality and price. Not all the colors were among my favorite but I’m sure you girls will find among these 7 shades at least one that you will like.


  1. Hey Tavia,

    You are so lucky this worked out well for you! I really wished it would for me too!

    I picked up one of these when I was in Denmark ’cause I loved the color (i think it is Charming)but on me my lips peeled like crazy and didn’t stay on. 🙁


  2. Hi Renee! Sorry to hear that, cause I didn’t had any problems with Charming (except the fact that I don’t like the color so much), but something similar happened to my lips when I worn the Shimmering Pink.

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