Sensible makeup for sensitive skin type with Boots No7

A sensitive skin needs not only a special care but also a sensitive makeup. As i was writing in my previous article, you need to use products specially designed for your type of skin. I will dedicate this article to those who have sensitive type of  skin and i will show you how important is to  select carefully from all those makeup products the ones fit for you.

First of all you must be very careful when you make your makeup-bag and if you bear  in mind some important things, you won’t be facing any problems.

Boots No 7 Intelligent Balance Foundation make-up. It must be non-comedogenic (it does not tamp the pores). For this you can rely on Boots No 7 Intelligent Balance which contains a formula that will absorb all sebum excess. With the light air texture this soft mousse foundation will give your skin a perfect finish and will provide flawless medium-to-full coverage. It has been dermatological tested and fragrance free specially designed for a sensitive skin like yours, creating a barrier that will keep your skin shine free all day.


Powder. If, after applying, your skin becomes dry, your makeup is a failure. You need a powder that will protect the skin hydrating level, like Boots No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder. Contains vitamin E which will help you moisturize so the powder won’t fell dry on your skin. It seals the make-up to increase its staying power and will give your complexion a flawless finish like the one of a movie star. Boots No 7 Perfect Light Pressed powder has a light texture for an easy and smoothly blend, leaving the skin covered in a natural looking color. This hypo-allergenic product has been tested on women with the most sensitive skin so you can feel confident that will be good for you too.

Eyeshadow. You can face problems if eye-shadow’s formula contains ingredients restricted for your type of skin. It is very important that the eyelid is hydrated before applying the eyeshadow. Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Trio with its silky formula allows the shadows to be blended easily. It’s also long lasting and sensitive skin testes like all the products from Boots No 7.

Mascara. Select a formula that will protect your eyelashes – Boots No 7  Volume Maxim Mascara black – and when you will remove your makeup, put on the eyes 2 makeup removal pads (impregnated with special solution for the eye area), wait a couple of minutes and the erase softly. This volumizing mascara separates perfectly your lashes building maximum smudge-proof volume. Contains  Pro-vitamin B5 which will condition the lashes leaving them with an amazing 4 times thicker look.

Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Lip Lipstick. Fortunately, a sensitive skin doesn’t react badly to products for lip colouring, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious, so it’s better to use a delicate formula. Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Lip is the product with the greatest staying power in the No7 range. You lips will be glam up with its double ended long lasting gloss and will last up to 8 hours. You can give your lips a semi-matt finish or you can transform then into a super-glowing look only by  sweeping of the gloss.


  1. I’m 17 and just got into this whole makeup thing soo i generally like to keep my makeup looks simple and natural looking with a once in while spaz to it on special ocassions (so I do like to have some unneutral colors to coordinate with my outfits once in a while). Any suggestion for a good palette?

    • Hi Hana! You can try some of the palettes from Urban Decay ( Naked Palette) or Too Faced ( Natural Eye Kit) if you prefer warm and pastel colors of brown, gold, champagne. 🙂

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