Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink Collection Spring 2014

Hello beauties!

Shu Uemura presents a brand new liquid eyeliner Calligraph:ink which was inspired by Asian Calligraphy. To complement the launc of the new Calligrap:ink eyeliner a selection of 5 pressed eyeshadows and paper lashes are joining the collection.


“The most difficult makeup technique is drawing lines, in particular the eye lines. You need to draw precisely on eyelids that are soft and mobile, as well as to express changes in dynamism and texture, just like calligraphy.

Calligraph:ink eyeliner has made drawing lines easy for all, from beginners to professionals. As an Asian expert on eye, Shu Uemura invites you to discover different eye lining techniques for different looks, moods and impact.” – Kakuyasu Uchiide, International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura


International Launch Date – March 2014 at Sephora and online

U.S. Launch Date – March 2014

Taiwan Launch Date – 1 January 2014

Japan Launch Date – February 2014

Calligraph:ink Liquid Eye Liner

  • Calligraph:ink liquid eye liner refillable applicator
  • Calligraph:ink cartridge

Pressed Eye Shadow – $15.00

  • S light beige 815
  • G beige 821
  • S medium brown 853
  • S dark brown 884
  • ME vermillion 252

Paper Lashes

  • Cupid angel
  • Love lasts forever

Enjoy more photos…









  1. I like the Cupid angel paper lashes I think they would be fun for Valentine’s Day.

  2. The eye liner looks interesting. I won’t use their designs though. For me it looks weird 🙂

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