Shu Uemura & Takashi Murakami Holiday 2013 Six Heart Princess Collection – First Look!

Hello lovelies!

Shu Uemura announced the collaboration with artist Takashi Murakami for a new color collection that is going to be released this Christmas. The upcoming Holiday 2013 Six Heart Princess Collection was named after the Japanese polar anime genre of the same name. The color story is not yet available but the line will include a total of 19 products that will be released in limited edition in Japan while in U.S. only 14 will become available. Among the new Shu Uemura Christmas 2013 makeup products will see makeup palettes, eyeliners, lip colors, blush palettes, cleaning oil, false lashes and nail polishes.



Japan Launch Date – 1 November 2013

U.S. Launch Date – 1 November 2013 exclusively

Take a closer look right after the cut.

“I have collaborated with fashion brands [such as Louis Vuitton] in the past and I have experience extracting the culture of Japanese animation and fusing them into new products,”. “Of my different works, Six Heart Princess is the one that fits best with this collaboration because it is the most animation-oriented project of my many projects. I also wanted to explore the desire of transformation by looking back to the history of princess animation.” – the artist told WWD


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