Sonia Rykiel Spring 2013 Makeup Collection – Info & Photos

Hello lovelies!

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2013 Makeup Collection has just became available and features only lip products. It’s quite a simple collection but the variety of lip colors is quite impressive considering there are 20 shades to choose from.



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Sonia Rykiel Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Sublime Rouge

Discover new shades and totally new expressions. Available in 20 shades (from #01 to #20) that can change your persona.

Sublime Lipgloss

Sparkling lip gloss for creating plumped, juicy lips. Available in three shades: #01, #02 and #03.

Sublime Lip Liner

For creating lips that everyone adores. Smooth-textured lip liner for easy drawing. Available in six shades from #01 to #06.

Lip Color Base

Corrects your natural lip color and makes it more vibrant and longer-lasting.


  • #01 Produces healthy-looking lips by adding gloss and a 3D effect.
  • #02 Creates a primary shade of lip color and lip gloss by offsetting redness.

Lip Brush

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