Sothys Seasonal Makeup Collection for Fall – Winter 2012 – 2013 – Info, Photos & Prices

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It has been a long time since I last  posted a Sothys collection  and today I want to show you their Seasonal Makeup Collection for Fall – Winter 2012 – 2013 season. Like always Sothys collections include only a few makeup products and this new one features nail polish, lip gloss and kohl eyeliner.

To celebrate its new make-up collection, Sothys is opening the doors to its chic and glamorous neo-boudoir. Here, graphic eyes, heady lips and dazzling nails combine to create a very feminine and sophisticated look. Just sink into this padded atmosphere and succumb to all your desires!


International Launch Date – beginning September 2012 in Sothys beauty salons or spas.

Meet the new collection right after the jump.

Sothys Seasonal Makeup Collection Fall – Winter 2012 -2013

Graphic Kohl Liner – €15.00

A slick, easy-to-work-with gel texture. An enchanting, timeless and incredibly stylish shade Graphic, intensely defined eyes. Active ingredients: jojoba oil for a soft feel, and micronised powders for easy glide

  • #01 Noir Profond

Radiance Gloss – €21.00

A transparent, ultra-glossy texture. Two shades for natural lips that allow the luminous colour to shine through. Active ingredients: anti-ageing and anti-pollution active ingredients, vitamin E derivative, fixing polymer and allantoin

  • #15 Glossy Prune
  • #16 Bordeaux Light

Protective Nail Enamel – €16.50

A formula combining care, resistance, protection and extreme shine. Two new on-trend shades for a modern and sophisticated look. Active ingredients: algae extracts and cysteine derivative for stronger, nourished and robust nails.

  • #25 Gris Lumière
  • #26 Violet Perlé

Enjoy more photos…

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