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  1. i would love to win this giveaway coz it’s hard to get the Urban Decay Naked Palette in my country !!!

  2. Hi there, I haven’t received any updated posts from you in a while. Hope all is well with you!

  3. Glad you are trying periscope but wish I had more time to watch Enjoy your regular posts so please leave yourself sometime for that as really would love to see some of those again

  4. HI,
    I would like to order your products. I live in Mauritius and last year I went to SOuth Africa and I bought some of your product (Gel nail at Home), but I don’t know if is possible!
    Waiting for a answer from your company.

    • Hi Pauline! I don’t sale any product. I do host small blog sales from time to time. If you are interested you just have to follow me on Facebook.

      • Hi Tavia. I am trying to find a product that you blogged about. It’s the Elise Watier “India” fragrance. They do not sell it anymore. Do you have any idea where I can buy? Thanks! Stephanie

        • Hi Steph! If it was discontinued I guess you can only find it on Ebay if someone has it…or ask a blogger that wrotes about Elise Watier and maybe has the fragrance. As the brand is not available in my country I don’t know that much about where else do they sell the products, except Canada/ U.S. and online….I post only what the PR sent me. Thanks!

  5. Bobbi brown has their fall book for counter it has all the launches in it including Xmas a sneak peak for your website also lancome has one as well just thought I’d let you know just ask at the counters and they will let you look at it and can take a picture Carole

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