Summer trends 2009 – What did you buy and what can you keep

For some ladies, summer is almost over, but for me is not. For more than a few years now, summer has extended its visit until October, and this is not the only good news. We can enjoy shopping at low prices  awesome summer outfits, because unfortunately for the stores sales don’t keep count of season and are usually beginning at the same date every year even the summer is still here.

So, as I said some of us can still go shopping for short skirts, long floral summer dresses, sandals and sunscreen.

I’ve recently read in the Cosmopolitan magazine an interesting article that helped me decide what shall I keep in my wardrobe for next summer and what I can still buy. I hope this article will be helpful for all ladies out there enjoying the summer and even for those who are getting ready for a new season because it’s always helpful to know what you can keep for the next season (you can never know when fashion returns).

BUY: Jewels in sea shades

Blue, green, turquoise, azure are among the hot colors of summer. So if you see anything in these colors that attracts your eye you have green light to buy it. Accessorize your outfit with bracelets, necklaces and earrings in the sea colors. They look gorgeous on your tanned skin and combined with fluid textures!

KEEP:  Over-sized Accessories

Big necklaces  with lots of  details and applications are trendy. For an exotic appearance create an oversize necklace by superimposing multiple thin necklaces.


BUY: Outfits with floral print

I’m attached to clothes with floral prints, maxi dresses in particular. They have such a romantic air ! It’s worth buying  and keeping them in your wardrobe. Offer variety to your wardrobe, you can wear them with different occasions and favors any type of body.

STORE: Outfits with architectural forms

Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, Gareth Pugh Balmain have shown  a passion for futuristic cuts and geometric shapes. If you are unconventional and nonconformist don’t hesitate to follow this trend. You must show those strong shoulders that are so hot this season.

trend 2

BUY: Stiletto heels

Stiletto heels remain in the trend’s top! Match to your  fluid summer dress a pair of  sandals adorned with  Rock or romantic details and stiletto heel.

STORE: Sexy Platforms

A pair of wonderful shoes are all you need to have an enviable outfit! I have always been crazy about platforms shoes or sandals and a buy and wear them no matter the trend. This summer I bought some platform sandals very similar with the one in the photo. I like them cause they are sexy and so comfortable to walk in.

trend 3

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