Natural Golden Fall Makeup Look with MAC Pigments & RBR Eyeshadows

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Today I worn a simple golden makeup, just something that can be done in no more than 10 minutes and which I think is very suitable for this season. I combined very natural shades of light brown and gold with just a subtle touch of a black eye pencil. I consider this to be a day makeup, something that can be worn everyday at work, nothing to sophisticated and very easy to achieve especially when you don’t have a lot of time to do your makeup.

I used two MAC pigments and two Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows and a lot of Senna products for the cheeks and lips but I will have a list bellow with all the products I used for this makeup look.

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Kinetics Winter 2012 Let’s Pink Collection – Preview, Swatches & Photos

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I’ve been postponing this post for a long long time and I really wanted to write it earlier after the presentation of Kinetics Winter 2012 Let’s Pink Collection (info & promo images) but I wanted to purchase a color chart first I wouldn’t have to swatch all the colors everytime on my nails. I received all the polishes featured in this collection and I’ve already tried some of them so if you have any favorites please leave me a comment so I will review them first.

At first this collection might not seem so interesting because it does contain quite a few dark shades and some brown undertones polishes but you can also find a pink pop of color. If you are into darker shades like I’m discovering this collection and testing the polishes is quite intriguing. I started wearing Royal Ink a beautiful dark rich purple with blue undertones and I will probably finish with the brown polishes. What I like about this collection is the variety of finishes and formulas it has to offer, cremes, glitters and even soft neons.



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MAC Carine Roitfeld Collection now in Romania – Preview & Swatches

Hello beauties!

MAC Carine Roitfeld Collection (official info & promo photos) is being available since end of August 2012 but was launched in Romania at the beginning of this week. The collection features new products and shades but also a few repromotes.

I went to MAC Store just before the collection was launched so I could test and swatch the products for you. I will give you a quick preview only for the new items featured in this collection while the repomotes have been discussed in the past.

First I swatched the nail lacquers (75.00 Lei) applying two coats of each color and I was instantly disappointed. Undercover Nude is a very sheer clear nude, very difficult to obtain an even coverage because the formula is so streaky and a bit thicker. Underfire Red is a deep blood red which has a decent amount of opacity in two coats, but is not fully opaque while the formula is thin. I worn both shades on my nails without a top coat and they started fading on the tips on the second day, while on the fourth day I had to remove the polish since both shades were noticeably fading away from my tips.

MAC Tropical Mist lipstick (97.00 Lei) is a sheer translucent nude, almost invisible. It was very hard to swatch it for the photo as the color was almost clear with just a hint of lustre finish. I consider this is just the kind of shade you would expect from a lip balm but not from a sheer lipstick. Please do not confuse sheer with clear, because this shade was almost invisible on the lips.

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NC33 (97.00 Lei) is a new shade of medium warm beige which works well on light to medium skintones.

MAC Eyebrow pencil (81.00 Lei) in Brunette is described as a grey brown but looks more like a medium latte shade. It doesn’t apply as smooth as I would loved to but it has a decent color payoff.

MAC Camouflage Face Kits (235.00 Lei) are both featuring very similar shades with the only major difference that the Jungle Camouflage has matte shades while the Desert Camouflage is more shimmery. I found some of the shades having a dry texture, not as noticeable I would want them to be without a primer and very hard to apply and blend.  I did  swatched them over a MAC primer after that so I can get the color payoff you see the photos bellow.


Romania Launch Date – 22 October 2012 at MAC Store Baneasa and 23 October at MAC Store Vitan

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MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection now in Romania – Preview, Swatches & Photos

Hello lovelies!

MAC Marilyn Monroe Fall 2012 Collection (info & promo photos) was finally launched in Romania at the beginning of this week and being one of the most expected collection of the season I couldn’t miss out the chance to see it and swatch all the products before they sold out so I headed to MAC Store right on the same day they were launching it.

The first products I tried were the nail lacquers (just 4 out of 5)  (75.00 Lei) in pigmented red, orange and dark brown, which have a great formula so the application went smoothly. Most of these shades were opaque in two colors while other slightly disappointed me but more about them on a future review.

MAC Marilyn Monroe lipsticks (97.00 Lei) have a discreet vanilla scent and they are taste-free. Except for Pure Zen which is a warm rosy beige nude color which delivers a semi-opaque color coverage the rest of the shades were pigmented, opaque, smooth and easy to apply.

I was a little bit disappointed of MAC Marilyn Monroe eyeshadows (97.00 Lei) because except Showgirl which was the darkest color, a medium navy blue, the rest of the shadows were looking very similar and I would loved to have some variety of colors. When I swatched them they seem a bit dusty to me which means they are prone to fall out post-application and not lasting very long. Without a primer it almost impossible to get a decent color payoff so I used a primer for the swatches shown bellow. All the shades had the same veluxe pearl finish making them hard to pair with the lipsticks.

The lip pencils (81.00 Lei) were all pigmented with a semi-creamy texture not exactly the smooth and creamy I was hoping for judging from the press info but they delivered and even and opaque color coverage.

The two lipglosses (103.00 Lei) are extremely sheer for my taste and have a thinner brush applicator but they are non-sticky and vanilla-scented (taste-free). Unless you want to buy these shades for the packaging I would say you can check out other brands.

MAC Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder (141.00 Lei) is a very light pink peachy shade with a soft texture but it felt a little chalky and powdery when I swatch it. Having a lighter complexion this shade looks good on me but I would hesitate to recommended to those with medium to dark skin tones.

Both blushes (114.00 Lei) have natural lovely finish with a decent color payoff and buildable. The Perfect Cheek is a medium pink beige color with a matte finish while Legendary has a soft texture and looks very natural with just a hint of sheen delivering a decent color payoff (I had to build up the color).


Romania Launch Date – 22 October 2012 at MAC Store Baneasa and 23 October at MAC Store Vitan

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MAC Office Hours Fall 2012 Collection now in Romania – Swatches & Photos

Hello beauties!

MAC Office Hours Fall 2012 Collection (info & promo photos) was launched internationally last month but became available in Romania this week. This collection features blushes, eyeshadows and pro longwear lip glasses in new shades which will become part of permanent collection.

I went to one of MAC stores the other day to see the collection and test the new products. The display for this collection wasn’t available due to some transportation delays and I was a little saddened because I loved so much the promo photos of this collection and it would have been better to see the products beautifully arranged in the pink display. The products were all arranged in a black tray and I picked them up and aranged them for photos but only home I realized that not all the shades are part of this collection, some of them were replacing the shades mentioned in the press release. I’m sorry about this.

I swatched for you all the blushes, eyeshadow and lip glasses from this collection so you can make an opinion and decide easily if you do want to purchased any of these products. Some of the blushes are indeed very sheer and they recommended for women with fair skin while others are more pigmented and can be used by those with medium to dark skin tones.


Now at MAC Stores in Baneasa Shopping City and Mall Vitan

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Lunasol Base Makeup Collection for Fall 2012 – Official Info & Photos

Hello sweeties!

Lunasol has launched a new Base Makeup Fall 2012 Collection which features the new Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation and Control Base.


Japan Launch Date – September 2012

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Make Up For Ever Black Tango Fall 2012 Collection – Preview, Photos & Swatches

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Make Up For Ever Black Tango Fall 2012 Collection (info & promo photos) was designed to be a fall makeup collection with darker shades but was released in some countries in end of June 2012. Because it has been released so early in the summer it wasn’t taken very seriously as an Autumn collection by many women. I payed a visit to Make Up For Ever Romania boutique about two months ago to check out their new collection but I kept postponing this post until now when I think the colors are more suitable for this season.

As I already mentioned in the presentation post this collection features the Black Tango Waterproof Cream Color Palette which includes 4 shades, 3 nail colors and 12 new shades of Aqua Rouge Lipstick. Continue Reading

Kinetics Lazy Lizard Polish Removers Collection for Fall – Winter 2012 – Info & Photos

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Kinetics launched Lazy Lizard Polish Remover Collection as a complement to their 200-nail polish line. Kinetics offers an attractive and professional line of polish removers with two formulations, with acetone and non-acetone. Depending on your nail needs you choose one of the two lizard removers. Apart from this collection Kinetics launches Shield Gel Polish Remover.


International Launch Date – September 2012 in professional salons, beauty supply stores and online

Romania Launch Date – October 2012

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