Senna Midnight Wine Collection Fall 2013 – Swatches, Photos

Hello lovelies!

As you probably know Senna Midnight Wine Collection for Fall 2013 was launched earlier this month and because I have received all the products I want to give you a quick preview and show you the swatches. The collection is quite small and features only 8 products but they are essential to created the Ravishing Ruby and Neo Copper looks. I’ve always been into autumnal shades when it came to eye makeup and I was so happy to discover the two new beautiful shades of the eye color.


The Ravishing Ruby look uses intoxicating berries, gilded bronzes on smoldering eye and sumptuous intense ruby red lips while Neo Copper is all about glimmering bronze and copper colors that glaze the face with a volcanic patina. I’ve already tested most of these products and I will post my reviews in the following days starting with the 3 new lip lacquers.

Senna Cosmetics kept its elegant packaging the same for this collection even though I admit I wanted to see the products with a different packaging style.



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Kardashian Beauty Fall 2013 Makeup Collection

Hello sweeties!

Kardashian Beauty introduces new makeup products and beauty kits for fall 2013. I was impressed by the new Eye Color Kits which easily transmits mega-style options.



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RMK Eye Balm

Hello sweeties!

RMK launched a new product called Eye Balm, a treatment balm that targets the dehydration and key signs of aging to delicate eye area, moisturizing and replenishing for a bright youthful impression.



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Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation & Instant Concealer – Fall 2013

Hello beauties!

Clarins launched two new products and I’m talking about Extra Comfort Foundation SPF 15 which is actually a treatment foundation that illuminates the complexion and nourishes the skin and Instant Concealer which sounds really promising especially for those who have dark circles as it promises to fight fatigue and hide all types of dark circles.



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Lancome L’Absolu Velours Collection Fall 2013

Hello beauties!

Lancome launched this season L’Absolu Velours line which features 9 shades of Velvet Matte Lip Colour, a combination between the richness and application of a gloss, the coverage and hold of a lipstick, the voluptuousness and comfort of a cream texture. This new liquid lipstick dresses lips in a matt, luminous and elegant shade with a velvety and comfortable finish.


This season, lips are enwrapped in deep, velvety colours shimmering with light for the finishing touch of a graphic and sophisticated make-up look. This glamorous effect is guaranteed by its savvy formula, the exclusive blend of a “velvet” gel for a shiny and extra-comfortable result and illuminating pigments for vibrant colour: L’Absolu Velours contains six times more pigments than a traditional gloss. Lancôme launches the first liquid formula that delivers deep, pure colour, combined with an intense luminous velvet effect.


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Rouge Bunny Rouge Utopia Look Fall 2013

Hello sweeties!

For this fall Rouge Bunny Rouge creates the Utopia Look where the hot spot is on the lips. If you want to achieve this makeup look I invite you after the jump to find out what products where used.


Join us as we discover ‘Utopia’, the third chapter of the ‘Enchanted Journey’ series of expressive make-up stories. Achieve a beauty so perfect it appears beyond belief. Create this flawless, graceful look with eyes dressed in satin shadows and brilliant, voluminous lips.


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RMK Base Makeup Collection Fall 2013 – Update!

Hello beauties!

RMK just launched the new Base Make Collection for fall 2013 last week and even though I posted the color story and close-up photos last month, there are still things to be said.

Visible perfection that you can rely on. The 4 determining factors that define perfect skin consists of a polished smooth surface, plum dewy texture, en even coloration and a translucent glow. RMK launches 2 multi-tasking skin perfectors infused with rich skincare ingredients, creating results you can rely on throughout the day. The new advanced primer, Creamy Polished Base N banishes pores and bumps for the smoothest surface. The new super fine finishing powder will add a veil of translucent glow to keep the graying of your foundation at bay, keeping your fresh evenly-applied foundation from  morning to night.



Japan Launch Date – 6 September 2013

UK Launch Date – September 2013

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Artdeco Color Lip Shine for Fall 2013

Hello pretties!

Artdeco launched this month the Color Lip Shine Collection for fall 2013 which is an exclusive lip color collection featuring 16 new shades of lipstick.

Irresistible seduction, carefree desire and easiness, an all changing moment, a touching encounter – all of it is embodied by ARTDECO’s new Color Lip Shine! With the new Lip Highlighting products Artdeco is placing the most beautiful accessory in the front row. With special products and seductive innovations your lips become the epitome of sensual elegance.  Experience a declaration of love to your lips – a tribute to the beauty of woman!



International Launch Date – September 2013 at Douglas and online

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