Gucci Beauty Fall 2014 Collection

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The wait is over as Gucci launched its first Cosmetic Collection, one of the most anticipated makeup lines of this year. We’ve been discussing the new Gucci makeup products throughout the year in sneak peek articles and every time a new photo appeared on someone’s social account. At first many had doubts about the packaging as it didn’t look so catchy, luxurious and elegant like you would have expected from a brand like Gucci but later on when high end resolution photos were released we were all once again excited to see this collection in person.

Defined by her powerful femininity, the iconic Gucci woman represents the glamour and beauty of the fashion House. Under the creative direction of Frida Giannini, the Gucci woman has evolved with a modern edge, into an icon who is strong, daring and seductive. Embracing every element of her look to the finest detail, Giannini has created a world of fashion, accessories and scent. Completing her aesthetic is Giannini’s long-held vision of a Gucci Cosmetics collection. An essential component of her look, make up underscores her many facets, ruled by her confidence and sensuality.


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BeYu Pure Color Lipstick & Stay Fall 2014 Collection

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BeYu presents Pure Color Lipstick & Stay Fall 2014 Collection, which presents a new lipstick that combines a particularly long shelf life with sensuous colors full of expression. Perfect for those who desire seductive and supple lips in intense colors the new lipstick applies smoothly and evenly delivering a semi-matt finish.


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Jill Stuart Relax Fall 2014 Collection

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Take a moment to enjoy the new Jill Stuart Relax Fall 2014 Collection that will be released next week.

When you awake in the morning, and when you look at yourself. Bring a sweet resonance to all that you touch and wear, to the very atmosphere of a room; to everything. 

When the day ends, and you turn inward to the voice of your body, enjoy a moment of luxury, enveloped in the fragrance of flowers. If you give yourself over to a feeling of romance, allowing your skin and your mind to sink into gentle relaxation, you’ll achieve skin that you just can’t help but touch, and a blessed moment during which you can utterly be yourself.

Take a refreshing, sweet aura and bring a whole new level of smoothness to your naked skin, surely transforming the you of tomorrow into an even brighter, more sparkling self.


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Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection

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I can’t tell you how happy I’m to discover Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection as it’s been a while since I haven’t seen any new beauty items from this brand. The entire collection is available now in a limited edition and exclusively at Sephora so I invite you to discover it right after the jump.


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MAC Trend Forecast Spring 2015 Collection

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MAC Cosmetics has launched its new Trend Forecast Spring 2015 Collection which features two new palettes for eyes, lips and cheeks and four shades of Studio Eye Gloss.

From Fashion Weeks around the world, the SS15 runways’ most talked about colour trends are now available in limited-edition palettes for lips, cheeks and eyes.


U.S. Launch Date – Now

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Clinique Fall 2014 Beauty Launches

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Clinique has released new beauty items for fall 2014. There is the Black Honey Affair Eyeshadow Palette which features 8 shades or browns and purples that you can mix and match to create an autumnal or smokey eye look and a couple of matte lipsticks in bright colors.


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MAC The Matte Lip Collection for Fall 2014

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Finally some news about the upcoming MAC The Matte Lip Collection which is due to be launched in less than a month. Featuring matte shades for lips and cheeks this new fall 2015 MAC color collection is definitely worth checking out.


International Launch Date – 9 October 2014 at MAC Locations

Japan Launch Date – 1 October 2014 Continue Reading

MAC Rocks Oktoberfest Fall 2014 Collection for Ludwig Beck

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MAC Cosmetics has collaborated with Ludwig Beck to create the new MAC Rocks Oktoberfest Fall 2014 Collection which has just became available in a limited edition. There will be three kits included all of the with a special Oktoberfest design and each of these kits will provide an individual makeup look: Oktoberfest’s Mistress in Command, Oktoberfest’s Earth Angel, Oktoberfest’s Damsel in a Dirndl. Each of the new face charts has been created by MAC National Artist Patricia Hoos.


Germany Launch Date – 12 September 2014 online and at Ludwig Beck Store in Munich Continue Reading