Deluxe Makeup with Estee Lauder Holiday 2015 Palette

Hello beauties!

You’ve already seen me talking so many times about the limited edition Estee Lauder Deluxe Eye Palette (review, swatches, photos) but you’ve never seen me mixing the shades in a makeup tutorial. So finally after I’ve been playing with this palette for more than a month I have a couple of looks standing by, waiting for someone (probably me 😀 ) to post them on the blog. I’ve worn this Estee Lauder Deluxe Makeup a few weeks ago and I’ll tell you right from the start is not that glamorous, wild effect makeup that you’d expect, but something more feminine, elegant and evening appropriate with a touch of luxury. I believe the effect of this deluxe makeup look also lays in the lip color so I choose to wear one of the 3 lipstick colors that came with the palette. Enjoy the entire look and find out what products I used right after the jump.

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Midnight Rainbow Holiday 2015 Makeup

Hello beauties!

With the latest Rouge Bunny Rouge Midnight Rainbow Holiday 2015 Makeup you will definitely get noticed more than ever. This is that kind of bold and daring makeup that is meant to attract attention on you and make you feel more beautiful than ever. The eye makeup is definitely intense, edgy and dramatic and seeing it on a someone with green eyes just like me, makes me even more curious to try it.


The latest look MIDNIGHT RAINBOW is solemn and bold, showcasing precise lines, festive sparkling effects and modern textures. Wear it to stand out – a fashion phenomenon, so beautiful you’ve got to be a dream. Midnight Rainbow is a combination of a healthy, flawless complexion with an endlessly mesmerising eye make-up; simplicity embracing ingenuity for a breathtaking effect. Complexion, cheeks and lips are flawless and soft, ready with a few very simple and basic techniques – just a wash of healthy, radiant and natural-looking colour.

The eye make-up is all winged lines and sparkle, looking complex and special, with the application made easy due to the versatile and highly blendable RBR signature textures. The Exciting Metamorphosis 2015: New in is the luxuriously re-packaged FOR LOVE OF ROSES Original Skin Blush in five popular shades.

“Playing on a juxtaposition of light and shadow, the look is strong yet feminine and with focus on a feline winged and modern architectural eye. The skin remains softly matte and polished. For balance, rosy blush tones adorn lips and cheeks. This look leaves you wanting more, it’s both seductive and captivating.” – Jo Levy


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My French Noel Makeup Tutorial

Hello beauties!

Lancome My French Noel Palette (review, swatches, photos) is one of my favorite holiday 2015 makeup palettes and since I got it last month I’ve been using it quite a lot and even brought it with me in London. Inside the palette you will also find suggestions for two makeup looks, one for day time and the other one more night time appropriate, so in this chic makeup tutorial, I’ll be showing you the second one. I really like the combination or gold and earthy brown shades with pearl finish, that look so elegant and dazzling specially for the holiday season. You know me, I can’t resist adding a touch of pink to my makeup, even though probably a red lip would have been more appropriate for this look, but well this is just how I see things. 🙂


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