Shiseido Ever Bloom for Fall 2015

Hello sweeties!

This week Shiseido revealed Ever Bloom, its new feminine fragrance that is scheduled to be launched in Europe in early fall. So far I like everything about this fragrance from its pink bottle which expresses femininity¬† to its floral notes, so I’m happy to know I’m among the lucky countries where this edition will hit counters this year. The new Shiseido Ever Bloom took perfumer Aurelien Guichard more than two years and over 2.000 different versions to reach perfections and it’s described as a modern scent. Chosen to represent Shiseido Ever Bloom ad campaign with the slogan “Because the beauty is already in you” was the German model Tess Hellfeuer.



Europe Launch Date (Except France) – September 2015

Dubai, Qatar and Lebanon – August 2015

U.S. | Asia | France Launch Date – 2016 Continue Reading