MAC Vamplify 2016 Summer Collection

Hello pretties!

I had the most amazing dream last night as I was picturing the new shades of MAC Vamplify 2016 Summer Collection. After browsing through the Instagram photos of BeautyScene and checking out the sneak peeks of MAC 2016 and 2017 goodies, I felt asleep and all night I had dreams about MAC Autumn Winter 2016 Trends.



International Launch Date – July 2016 at MAC Locations Continue Reading

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup 2016

Hello pretties!

Estee Lauder presents Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup, as its new summer 2016 foundation. I absolutely love the idea of an Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation with a built-in cushion tip which is also detachable for cleaning. Reading more about this product on ReallyRee’s blog I found out two more interesting things like the fact that you can pull back in the product in case you twist out too much and you will also know when it’s time to replenish as the stick gets smaller in time with each use. This is definitely a smart makeup tool and I hope it will be just as famous as Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.



UK Launch Date – June / July 2016

International Launch Date – Summer 2016 Continue Reading

Essie Slick Oil Paint Summer 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!


Want art with wow factor? My Slick Oil Paint beautifully blend to bold statement pieces. Blend any of these 3 metallic shades together. Brush over the Moon-stone transformative top coat to create slick, bold colors. Repeat to create unique multi dimensional color combinations.


U.S. Launch Date – Now at Nordstrom

International Launch Date – May / June 2016 Continue Reading

Estee Lauder Pure Color LipMelt Oil-Infused Rouge 2016

Hello lovelies!

I was just browsing Estee Lauder website this morning and stumble upon a new release. I’m talking about a brand new lip product called Estee Lauder Pure Color LipMelt Oil-Infused Rouge which comes available in seven shades. Looks like a new solid lip color with a super creamy oil-infused formula that will melt on the lips in a true color with a shiny finish. I don’t have too many details about this product yet, but I’m guessing the formula suppose to be very hydrating and comfortable, without being sticky, while the finish must offer a luminous glow and shine. I admit I’m pretty curious to see some swatches.



U.S. Launch Date – Now

Asia Launch Date – June 2016

International Launch Date – June 2016 Continue Reading

Essie Shimmer Brights 2016 Summer Collection

Hello pretties!

Essie presents Shimmer Brights Collection, as its new summer 2016 nail polish collection, introducing six brand new colors with shimmery textures.


“I don’t aim to misbehave, it just happens.”


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YSL Eyes Makeup 2016 Summer Collection

Hello beauties!

After posting previews and pieces of YSL Eyes Makeup 2016 Summer Collections for weeks on the blog and sneak peeks on Instagram, now the entire line is revealed. I’m definitely interested in the new YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara which comes in those crazy and beautiful shades, but since unfortunately it won’t hit Romanian counters, my heart goes to the new YSL Couture Variation 10 Color Eye Palette No.03 which is a beauty. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw sneak peeks about this palette last week on Instagram and my heart was pounding at the thought of adding a new high end palette to my collections, especially since I was crazy for YSL Nu Couture Variation 10 Color Eye Palette (review, swatches, photos).



Europe Launch Date – beginning May 2016 at Douglas, Sephora Continue Reading

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum 2016

Hello pretties!

For summer 2016, Guerlain reveals L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum, a new fragrance for men. If last summer I was telling that my senses were conquered by Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette (preview, photos), this summer I’m totally into the new L’Homme Ideal perfume. Actually last week I got to sniff it and it last on my skin the entire day…but it also got somehow printed into my mind. I’m loving the new scent…it’s more powerful, more masculine, intense, sensual and mysterious…and my dilemma is if I wanna buy it for me to feel it on my skin whenever I want or just get it for my boyfriend and feel it on his skin. There are not many men fragrances that really makes me wanna wear them myself, but this one truly is. This fragrance represents the third release after the house of Guerlain introduced in 2014 L’Homme Ideal Cologne followed by L’Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette in spring 2015.


Running into the Ideal Man is always something special. He is handsome, athletic, intelligent, irresistibly funny and kind. Blessed with charm and charisma. All of these qualities combined in just one man make his life a constant challenge.


International Launch Date – April 2016

Romania Launch Date – May 2016 (100 ml for 520.00 Lei) at Sephora, Douglas, Kendra Continue Reading

Marc Jacobs Covert Sticks for Summer 2016

Hello sweeties!

The summer 2016 newness from Marc Jacobs comes in the form of Cover(t) Sticks, a new type of stick-corrector available in three variations.



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