Dior Spring 2017

Hello ladies!

I’m getting super excited over Dior Spring 2017 Makeup Collection but I bet you can tell since I’m blogging my third article on this subject. The first look at Dior Spring 2017 got me totally by surprised as I’m trying to get into that holiday mood, now when all the holiday 2016 collections are coming up. Somehow we all knew that with the presentation of Dior Spring Summer 2017 Fashion show we were going to have a sneak peek at Dior Spring 2017 Makeup Collection as well, but I didn’t imagine it will be so beautiful. I believe the collection will be called Color Gradation as all the new makeup products are presented in gradient shades. It’s just the perfect transition from winter to spring and Dior made that happen in this new collection. Even though I posted photos earlier on Instagram I just couldn’t help re-posting from Anastezzziya’s Instagram as she brings so many new info about this collection.



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Dior Spring 2017 Makeup Collection Sneak Peek

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I’m back with new information and luckily new photos of Dior Spring 2017 Makeup Collection. Yesterday I was giving you a first look at Dior Spring Summer 2017 as soon as I spotted them on Instagram. I’ve been checking Dior Makeup page for updates ever since and now that I’m finally home I can show you what else I found out.



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Dior Spring Summer 2017 Makeup Collection First Look

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Are we really having a first look at Dior Spring Summer 2017 Makeup Collection? Yes, you bet we are since Dior has teased us on their Instagram with this gorgeous photo bellow. Looks like the new Dior Spring 2017 makeup line will pretty fresh and more on the girly girl side, just my opinion for now since I’m seeing a lot of sweet pink shades. I’m not even over Dior Splendor Holiday 2016 Collection yet…since I’m waiting for it to hit my local counters and get me some of those goodies, that I now have to think about that gorgeous soft pink blush. I mean what is that, really…is it a blush? is it a highlighter? Nonetheless, I just know I want it and I’m going to save and get it.



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OPI Fiji Spring Summer 2017 Collection

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Yeah, you read that right, I’m bringing the sun back on the blog with OPI Fiji Spring Summer 2017 Collection. I was just saying the other day that a Christmassy mood was installed here on Chiprofile while I’m blogging everyday about holiday 2016 collections, so I though I will pause (just for this article though…:) ) and fast forward to spring. I haven’t had my summer vacation this year, did some other investments for the blog so I have the right to focus on my next holiday by the sea and what better way to do it now than with OPI Fiji 2017 Collection which raises my spirit. The collection draws its inspiration from the exotic Fiji island, a place where I dream of going sometimes in the future. The 12 new nail polishes are accompanied by matching Infinite Shine and Gel Colors.



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Too Faced Peach Spring 2017 Collection

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Jerrod Blandino is making the Internet going crazy as he keeps leaking sneak peek photos on his Instagram of what it looks like an upcoming Too Faced Peach Spring 2017 Collection. We are all aware of the huge success Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette had last year when it hit counters just in time for holiday season, as it became the best-selling Too Faced eyeshadow palette. If you didn’t get your hands on this best-selling peachy palette you’ll have a second chance later this year as Too Faced announced its comeback somewhere in late fall, just before Christmas. Judging by that experience, creating a new makeup collection based on the juicy fruit and with products that will be peachy scented, is an absolutely irresistible idea, one that will surely dig a hole in our pockets. Just like I posted the other day on Instagram, it surely looks that we’ll be indulging in a Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush along with a Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow, a new peachy infused highlighting palette.



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MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics 2017 Collection

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MAC Cosmetics hits us with a first look at their upcoming MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics 2017 Collection. Posted earlier on their official Instagram account, the collection offers a first look at some of the 50 new makeup items for face, lips and eyes.


Makeup masters Kabuki, James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal create iconic beauty styles that impact the runway and culture at large. Now, they join forces with M·A·C to channel their unique talents into individual colour collections reflecting their signature styles. 


U.S. Launch Date – January 2017 at select MAC Locations

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MAC Trend Forecast Spring 2017

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MAC presents its new Trend Forecast Spring 2017 Palettes along with two Studio Eye Glosses. Take a closer look for more details.



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MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color 2017 Shade Extension

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Seems like the spring 2017 will be bringing new shades of the already famous MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color (check out 2016 spring collection). You know me, I’m not really into a matte lip, but these are the bomb, so so pigmented and rich….and I couldn’t help getting MAC Personal Statement Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick  (review, swatches). Looks like 12 new shades will be hitting counters in early January 2017 and most of them go on the nude and brown side of colors. Thanks to Debbie from BeautyScene we get to take an early peek at some of the new 2017 MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colors so keep an eye on her Instagram account.



U.S. Launch Date – January 2017 at all MAC Locations

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