Algologie Eye Contour Cream – Review, Swatch & Photos

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As you already know from my preview article in the past month I’ve been using Algologie Eye Contour Cream (preview & first impressions). If you want to know how I discovered Algologie products and what made me buy this product please read my preview post where I gave all the details. If you read my blog long enough you already know that I will choose a skincare product over a makeup product anytime and I admit that I tend to spend more on luxury skincare products rather than makeup. In the last couple of years I’ve been using anti aging eye creams from high end brands like La Mer and La Prairie but I still like to try new products from different brands hoping that I can find a product that will give me the same great results at a lower price.

After I read about Algologie Anti-Aging Eye Contour Cream I was really curious to try it not only because of its properties or ingredients but also because of its packaging and light formula.



Romania Launch Date – now

International Launch Date – now and

Algologie Anti-Aging Eye Contour Cream (89.00 Lei/ £11.45 for 20 ml/ 0.68 fl oz) comes in a matte white plastic tube which is very easy to use and also hygienic because you only need to squeeze the tube a little bit for the product to come out and dust particles don’t get inside so easily like they use to when you apply cream right from the jar. I was also impressed with the amount of product included in the tube which is considerably a lot more than what normal size creams have and I’m talking about 20 ml comparing to 15 ml. Continue Reading

Algologie Eye Contour Cream – Preview & Photos

Hello beauties!

Algologie is a french cosmetic brand that has been recently introduced in my country and is also a “new entry” on my blog. I’ve always been interested more in skincare products rather than makeup so I like to choose my products wisely and I’m not afraid to spend more on a face product that is really efficient.


Since I finished my La Prairie Anti Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 (review & photos) last month, I decided to make a change in my skincare routine and test a new eye cream especially since Algologie Anti Aging Eye Contour Cream got my attention. I usually like to try a different eye cream everytime I finish a jar of La Prairie Anti Aging Eye Cream, that I’ve purchased so many times over the years, because I want to change my skincare routine every few months and test new products hoping that I can find a new eye cream with similar effect at an affordable price.


Romania Launch Date – now

International Launch Date – now and Continue Reading