American Beauty True Delight Perfume Spray for Fall 2010

Hi Girls!

I never posted anything about American Beauty brand before so this is new entry for me. I’m sure there are many of you out there who already tried some of their products.  I must admit I haven’t so if you did please share your thoughts about this brand and its products with the rest of us.

I wanted to post this article not only because I’m crazy about new perfumes but also because I like the promo photo in a special way. I see this photo as a mixture between summer and fall scents and those riped peaches really makes my nose curious to sniff this perfume as soon as possible. 🙂

New American Beauty True Delight captures the simple pleasures of life in one luscious fragrance. True Delight brings to life the warmth of the sun with an irresistible blend of floral garden blooms, sparkling fruit and sensual musky wood.  Its signature ingredients, juicy peach and magnolia make the fragrance as delightful as a perfect afternoon with just one spritz. Continue Reading