Angelina Jolie takes lessons from a porno star

Angelina Jolie asked to an actress from porn industry advices for the way she should play her Catwoman role from the next movie of the Batman series.

33-year-old actress is a very good friend of the adult movie star Tera Patrick, with whom she kept in touch for a long time trough e-mail and phone.

After she found out that she will get the role, Angelina asked Tera’s opinion. The star was very delighted by the advices received, thinking that Tera would be more appropriate for the role than she is.

Million $ lips

Attractive lips are not the ones who got from mother-nature the shape, color and perfect size. Some tricks about how to nourish them and how to mark them out better guarantees you lips that will make even Angelina Jolie jealous.

Find out what colors suit you!

Don’t cast yourself to any color just because is in trend. On you may not look so great. Don’t test the lipstick color only on the back of your palm. On the lips surely it will look different. Try to consider you skin color, shape’s lips or combination of colors from your wardrobe to make the perfect choice.

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Retro Look

The muse of the month is Angelina Jolie. The eyes accentuated with a black eyeliner, illuminated by a white eyeliner, applied on the interior of the inferior eyelid, and wax like skin are the perfect tendencies for fall 2008. It’s also confirmed by the presentation of pret-a-porter collection Bottega Veneta. This makeup creates an elongation effect of the eyes! Charm the ones around you with your cat look!

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Angelina Jolie moves to France

Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt seems to be moving in France with their children. Sources tell that Angelina has enrolled her six-year-old son Madox into a local school, very close to their new propriety. The couple bought the new propriety with £35 million, in order to move there after the twins are born and raise all of their six children.

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Angelina Jolie in Muppets movie

Rumor has it that Angelina has been proposed to play in the Muppet movie, her being a very big fan of the show sometimes she even thinks that she looks like one of the muppets.

I am odd-looking. I sometimes think I look like a funny Muppet!

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Hottest tendencies of the season

Pastel tones, daring lip stick, tanned skin or sparkling eyelashes – what’s your choice?

Trend no 1: Chocolate skin. Would you like a sexy complexion like Jennifer Lopez? Tanned skin will always make a sensation in the warm season, and not only. Tanned, you look younger, so my advice is do no let glowing make- up miss from your purse. Modern make-ups from YSL presentations and Stella Mc Cartney sustain the same thing: tanned complexion is en vogue! Continue Reading