Anna Sui Fall 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

Anna Sui just released new items for her fall 2016 collection. My attention was instantly dawned towards the colorful Hair Color Chalk Sets that are a limited edition release. There will be three sets, each one containing two vibrant colors that you can easily wash out with shampoo afterwards.



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Anna Sui Tropical Summer 2016 Collection

Hello lovelies!

Anna Sui Tropical Summer 2016 Collection features makeup, hair care and bodycare items. You can take a first look at the new vivid Anna Sui summer 2016 beauty collection right after the jump.



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Anna Sui Dreams in Yellow Fragrance 2016

Hello beauties!

Anna Sui launches this spring a new fragrance for women, Sui Dreams in Yellow. The new scent is all about citrus and floral woody accords, a joyful fragrance for the fresh season. The frosted glass bottle decorated with flowers is very cute and feminine and comes in a small handbag-shaped bottle.



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Anna Sui Makeup and Base Makeup Spring 2016 Collections

aHello beauties!

Earlier this month Anna Sui revealed her new Spring 2016 Makeup Collection which promises to satisfy your wanderlust. Launching later on in March is the new Anna Sui Base Makeup 2016 Collection which features two new products.


Whether you fantasize about immersing yourself in a country of love, passion, culture or history, the stunning colors from Anna Sui’s new makeup line will help transport you to the destination of your dreams. Which travel destination will you be jetting off to? The possibilities are endless with the new Anna Sui cosmetics collection!


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Anna Sui Hydration Charger and Conditioning Lotion

Hello beauties!

This Autumn, Anna Sui introduces two new skincare products, Hydration Charger and Conditioning Lotion. These two cute bottles of skincare lotions will also be available as a miniature size set, packed in white pouch and bears the name Anna Sui Skin Care Trial Kit.



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Anna Sui Holiday 2015 Makeup Collection & Sets

Hello lovelies!

Anna Sui Mystic Snow Holiday 2015 Collection (sneak peek) has been a subject on this blog last month as well but today I have more information and new photos to show you.



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Anna Sui Nail Art Foil Fall 2015 Collection

Hello sweeties!

Anna Sui presents this month the new Nail Art Foil Collection which contains of six new colors. Who cannot love these cute nail polish bottles which comes in the shape of a bell so every time you’ll ring your favorite bell your nails will be transformed in a glowing color.



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Anna Sui Holiday 2015 Sneak Peek

Hello beauties!

As fall is just around the corner you know that sneak peeks of the upcoming 2015 holiday collections will start to surface. With this being said I wanna give you a first look at Anna Sui Holiday 2015 Collection which is divided into two parts, makeup and nails, each one being released in a different month.



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