Artdeco Take Me to L.A. Summer 2017 Collection

Hello babes!

Artdeco introduces Take Me to L.A. as its second Summer 2017 Collection after the Paradise Island Collection (info, photos) that I told you about earlier and it’s already available in the stores.

Laid-back vibes. West Coast feeling. “Take me to L.A.” Is in inspired by the glamorous coolness of the Hollywood metropolis. This collection gives your look that certain something, a charming coolness with its shimmering metallic effects. Ready for the Sunset Strip?


International Launch Date – June 2017 at Douglas Perfumeries

UK Launch Date – late June 2017 at Beauty Bay, Debenhams Continue Reading

Artdeco Paradise Island Summer 2017 Collection

Hello pretties!

Artdeco Paradise Island Collection for summer 2017 is just one of the new makeup collection of the hot season and brings with it a tropical breeze.

The refreshing collection enhances your make-up with a hint of tropical breeziness. Bronzing meets innovative specialized products. The revolutionary highlight: The Ombré³ Lipstick! The three-toned lipstick creates the perfect ombré effect in just one stroke.


International Launch Date – Now at Douglas perfumeries

UK & International – Now at BeautyBay Continue Reading

Artdeco Spring 2017 Cover & Correct Collection

Hello beauties!

Artdeco presents its new spring 2017 sensation, the new Cover & Correct Collection. As the name itself suggests, the entire collection is focus on concealing and correcting any problems or imperfections your complexion might have. Either if you want to conceal blemishes, hide dark circles, even out your skin tone or reduce redness, this collection offers all the necessary products. You will also find a couple of new, trendy brushes. Take a closer look!


International Launch Date – March 2017 at Douglas. I spotted some of the products online Continue Reading

Artdeco Spring 2017 Hypnotic Blossom Collection

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Artdeco Spring 2017 Hypnotic Blossom Collection draw its inspiration from the beautiful spring, fresh, scented flowers like hydrangeas and hyacinths. The blooming flowers of spring are reflected in a variation of colors in the new Artdeco Hypnotic Blossom makeup collection. You’d better take a first look as this collection will be a limited edition release.



International Launch Date – February 2017 at Douglas perfumeries

Romania Launch Date – March 2017 at Douglas,

Continue Reading

Artdeco Holiday 2016 Objects of Desire Collection

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Artdeco reveals Objects of Desire Collection, just in time for the holiday season. After announcing Artdeco Holiday 2016 Crystal Garden (info, photos) as being their main collection of this season, we get a surprise from this special edition of the Most Wanted Palettes in a new, sensual design adorned with brocade ornaments, reminiscent of Baroque lace. With the fantastic products you can slip into quite different roles: Natural Beauty … or nevertheless Femme fatale?



International Launch Date – November 2016 at Douglas Continue Reading

Artdeco Specials for Spa & Body

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Artdeco presents a differing kind of collection, Spa & Body Specials, which features products meant to take you into an imaginary journey of the eastern spa and get you completely relaxed.


The new Specials for Spa & Body take you on a journey through an aromatic far eastern spa. Scented candles fill your home with fresh and fruity or soft and tender smells. The nourishing bath milk pampers your skin with precious and exotic ingredients.


International Launch Date – November 2016 at Douglas Continue Reading

Artdeco Crystal Garden Holiday 2016 Collection

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Artdeco Crystal Garden Holiday 2016 Collection is being revealed! The new limited edition items are packed in special dark glossy cases embossed with Swarovski crystals.


The Crystal Garden collection takes you to a wintery magical garden. Inspired by ice crystal covered flowers which mystically glow in the winter sunlight. The limited edition designer pieces of the glamour collection are finished off with Swarovski® crystals.


International Launch Date – end October 2016 at Douglas perfumeries Continue Reading

Artdeco Scandalous Eyes Winter 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

Artdeco Scandalous Eyes is a new winter 2016 collection totally dedicate to the eye makeup. Presenting new products in dark and intense colors that will define and emphasize your look. I got my eyes set on the new Lash & Line Duo Mascara and Kajal and especially on the green and blue shades. Take a closer look after the jump and discover the entire collection.


Scandalous eyes make your eye make-up so dazzling, that you will always make a grand entrance wherever you go. The scandalous lashes mascara gives your lashes an alluring, scandalous look. And the special brow products will make your brows look on fleek in the blink of an eye. All eye will be only on you!


International Launch Date – mid September 2016 at Douglas Continue Reading