A beautiful skin in any season!

The beauty of skin is a woman’s business card!

For this, preventing the signs left by time should be a major concern for a woman, starting from the age of 20 years! Therefore, our skin needs special care!

Every esthetician will tell you this: a beautiful skin is a well cleaned and moisturized one. Besides the daily hydration, and the gentle exfoliation twice a week, use also a moisturizing and nourishing mask, soothing and regenerative, to restore your skin vitality and freshness!

How? By applying periodical (1 day per week) a beauty mask made from 100% natural products! You don’t always need to go to a beauty salon to take care of your skin! Even you, in the privacy of your home, can prepare such a mask! You only need a few natural ingredients, a little time … and some skill!

If you want to know the recipe, keep reading!

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Bobbi Brown Holiday Lips 2009

Hello Ladies! Cold season is already here and your lips need an extra caring and a new look. If you are in search of bright ideas of lip products Bobbi Brown has just the thing for you.

For this winter and Holiday season Bobbi wants to refresh our look in a single swipe with sheer, juicy glosses and rich Lip Colors. I’ve been looking over all these lip goodies specially to see what I can wear on my lips this Holiday season. Here are some of my choices and let me know if  some of them are your favorites too. You can also tell about your favorite lip products and what do you like to wear during the cold season, when it’s windy and our lips need a better hydration and protection against external factors.

  • Lip Gloss Trio ( $40 )

This glossy trio is back by popular demand and it was updated specially for holidays with chrome caps. Each tube contains 4,2 ml of product so it’s very easy to fit in a small purse.

Pink Blossom Lip Gloss (a sheer bright pink)
Marina Pink Sheer Color Gloss (a cherry pink tint)
Cocoa Sugar Shimmer Lip Gloss (a medium pinky brown)

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How you can make your hair shine!

First of all, eat healthy. Your hair is build from a protein that is called keratin. Like wise consuming proteins from fish, eggs or milk will help the hair. This nutritional diet should last 6 months.

Keep your hair clean, because if you use to much styling products, this will remain on your hair and will affect its structure even more, forbids the shine. Use a purifying gentle shampoo which is not aggressive to your scalp.

Nourish the hair after each wash. Like you use body lotion after every shower, use conditioner after every hair wash. Chose some formulas with many nutrients and oils, like avocado oil or olives that helps repair the small cracks from the surface of the hair locks.

Don’t rub with your towel because when its wet its also fragile, and the rubbing can unstick the cuticles. It will be good to dry the hair naturally, but if you are in a hurry, use every time you can the cold air of the hairdryer. Like this you avoid the hair deterioration due to high temperatures of the warm air. Continue Reading

Beauty news and tricks

Magical touch… How about a solid fond de teint, who’s texture becomes fluid once it riches your face? Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion from Max Factor has a new formula! The recommendation is coming from the famous model Carmen Kass.

Superstar smile… You know what you can try for teeth whitening? Follow the example of beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones – she uses strawberries! The cleaning effect it’s given by the malic acid contained in the delicious fruits.

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Crazy tricks magic look

You might have heard it before: “OK, sounds weird, but…” and the next thing its a unusual tip about how to get ride of a nipple or how to arrange you rebel hair. For sure, you will think that i must be crazy to write about this crazy tricks but trust me when i tell you that I’ve tried some of them on my own and they’ve been tested even by beauty experts and beauty addicts of every age. I’ll present you some real treasures for “emergency situations”. Continue Reading