MAC Summer 2013 Illustrated Bags Collection – Info & Photos

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If last month I posted only the info for MAC Summer 2013 Illustrated Bags Collection (preview & info) now I’ve returned to show you the 4 upcoming cosmetic bags of this collection.


MAC celebrates the anniversary of its limited edition Illustrator Bags with new designs by two massive talents. Each artist draws on creativity with a stunning originality, transforming MAC makeup bags into mini-masterpieces. Award-winning illustrator Anja Kroencke presents her imaginative vision through black and white line drawings of elegant feminine faces with elaborate wavy hair. New York City graffiti artist and modern Renaissance woman Indie 184 has tagged the bags with her vibrant graphic street style. Lined interiors in complementing patterns, top zipper closure and a looped-end handle. Bag lovers, enhance your collection.


North America Launch Date – 11 July 2013 MAC Stores

International Launch Date – August 2013 at MAC Stores

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Paul & Joe Summer 2013 Dolphin Mini Tote – Info & Photos

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Take a look at this cute new Paul & Joe Dolphin Mini Tote with a zipper and a playful Dolphin motif waiting for you to take it to the beach. I’m currently looking for a beach bag or tote and this one is on my list. This new mini zip tote is from Paul & Joe fashion line original from designer Sophie Albou and retails for only $14.00.


It’s time to hit the beach because no one does Summer quite like Paul & Joe! With your $75+ Paul & Joe purchase, receive an adorable Dolphin Mini Tote from the Summer 2013 collection.


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Jill Stuart Fall 2013 Pouch Collection – Info & Photos

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It’s always a pleasure to write an article about Jill Stuart‘s items since she has the cutest products. Today I want to show you two upcoming New Summer 2013 Pouches with floral motifs. These two pouches are the cutest things, both having a flower design, one with a big pink rose while the other has a flower lace motif. They will be available for sale in limited edition starting next month.



Japan Launch Date – 5 July 2013

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Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Sweet Ribbon Collection – Info & Photos

Hello beauties!

I’m attracted to all things cute and pink but when those things also come with a ribbon, I’m lost and it’s almost impossible to resist not purchasing them. This is the case of Jill Stuart Spring 2013 Sweet Ribbon Collection which unfortunately is not available in my country. It’s not a makeup collection as you might think but nonetheless the makeup bag and pouch are extremely cute.



International Launch Date – Now

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Michael Tcherevkoff Bag Fleur Collection – Spring 2012

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Last week I posted as my comeback article Shoe Fleur Collection by Michael Tcherevkoff, an entire shoe collection made in photoshop from beautiful plants, flowers and leaves, everything accomplished with the imagination of a famous photographer.

Back then I’ve posted only a few bags which matched some of the flower shoes, but now I want to show you my favorites from this collection. Although snow it’s still here, is nice to feel some spring breeze only by looking at these lovely photos.

Petal Pusher is the first bag I love from the entire collection and the fact that is pink and vibrant has everything to do with it. 🙂

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Michel Tcherevkoff Shoe Fleur Collection – Floral High Heels, Platforms & Bags – Spring 2012

Hello my dears!

Oh yeah, I’m finally back! I  know it took ages and I wanna thank each and every one of you for your lovely comments and e-mails and especially for all the support and understanding that you showed me in the last year while I was away. I really miss you girls, a lot and I know I’ve missed a lot of beauty news and reviews but all of that is going to change now. 🙂

A few days ago I’ve stumbled on a gallery of floral shoes and sandals which really got me thinking about what I’m going to wear in the upcoming spring. This is a really beautiful fantasy shoe & bag collection and I can’t decide which one I love the most. Can you?

This entire collection is the work of art of Michel Tcherevkoff, an advertising photographer who decided to change his career path from law to advertising photographer.

Michel’s insatiable curiosity of all things artistic, fueled by and instinct to tinker, led him to create signature photographs that immediately won the attention of art directors and editors worldwide. Bye the time he was 25 years old, he was launched.

Michael describes his style as “reality with a twist”. ” I photograph what I see rather than what it is.”

His series, Shoe Fleur, was inspired by an upside down leaf he spotted which reminded him of a shoe.
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Hermes Spring 2010 Bag collection

The other days I was taking a sneak peek at the Spring-Summer 2010 collections of the most famous brands. The future looks elegant, classy and chic. Because the Spring is far away and we are much more closer from the first snow I don’t want to discuss now the subject of 2010 SS clothing collection, but I can show you some of the new bag trends by Hermes.

Hermes bag1 Hermes bag2 Hermes bag3

I’m usually not a very big fan of big bags but like any other woman I have a few pieces in my closet. I admit I don’t have the money to own such an expensive and refine bag; but I woman can dream, can’t she? I have a few favorites from this collection and as you can see the trend for accessories in Spring will be also ” the bigger the better”. The models that rocked the presentation of  Hermes Spring 2010 collection worn big and colorful bracelets on their hands. Continue Reading