BeYu Sensual Spring 2017 Collection

Hello pretties!

BeYu presents its new Sensual Spring 2017 Collection in a dreamy atmosphere. There are a lot of new stuff featured in this collection as well as new shades of Color Touch Lip Biggie.


With this promotion, we’re making an appeal: “Let’s live with all our senses!” The beautiful thing about sensuousness is that we can decide for ourselves what is sensuous to us and there are therefore no limits to our imagination. We all have a sensuous side that makes us irresistible. All we have to do is make ourselves aware of it! With the new collection, we invite you to dream. With the unique colors, you can create your own individual and sensuous look and emphasise whatsensuousness means to you.


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BeYu Holiday 2016 Sparkling Collection

Hello beauties!

“Chic! Shine! Beauty!” is the motto for the new BeYu Holiday 2016 Sparkling Collection. Two new sparkling eyeshadow palettes will enchant you with their new colors and limited edition glamorous packaging as well as the entire collection of lip, nails and eye makeup products. Take a closer looks and discover everything right after the jump.



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BeYu Be Vintage Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Hello pretties!


If on the international catwalks the vintage look s the new trend for autumn / winter 2016, BeYu takes action and brings Be Vintage Fall Winter 2016 Collection to us. The new makeup Vintage line features the latest must-haves makeup items for any fashionista.


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BeYu Be Eye-Catching Summer 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

A late summer 2016 launch brings to our attention BeYu Be-Eye Catching Collection which features six new and limited edition funky mascara shades.


Summer, sun, sunshine and lots and lots of color. This is the slogan for summer 2016! The days grow longer and the nights become shorter, the scent of summer dances in the air and night becomes day. Then there are those extra-special, eye-catcher moments.

Inspired by trend scouts and high-fashion magazines, BeYu is launching the Be Eye-Catching fashion collection this summer. The six statement mascara colors, which are applied to the tips of the lashes, transform every woman into a real eye-catcher. Try a little color!


International Launch Date – August 2016 at Douglas Continue Reading

BeYu Be Flawless Summer 2016 Collection

Hello cuties!

BeYu Be Flawless Summer 2016 Collection puts the accent on the makeup products for the face so you can achieve a fresh looking complexion. The new BeYu Be Flawless makeup line targets the younger ladies offering only the must have makeup items for a flawless complexion.



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BeYu Strobe & Define Palette for Summer 2016

Hello beauties!

BeYu joins the contouring revolution trends of this year and comes up with Strobe & Define Palette. The new BeYu limited edition summer 2016 palette features four colors suitable for all skin types.



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BeYu Cape Town Covergirl by IRMA Summer 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

BeYu Cape Town Covergirl by Irma Summer 2016 Collection is already on the counters. This time our fashionista visited South Africa so this new and limited edition BeYu summer 2016 makeup collection reflects the South African nature of one of the hottest cities in the world, featuring new eyeshadow palettes and new makeup items that will complement a tanned skin.



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BeYu Matt Works! NYC Trend Collection 2016

Hello beauties!

Inspired by the New York City scene, BeYu creates new cosmetic products that will exceed every fashionista. The newly released BeYu Matt Works! NYC Trend Collection features a variety of lip colors in amazing pink and plum shades with a matte finish but also new nail lacquers.


In New York City, the city that never sleeps and the hot spot of the fashion scene, the world’s new trends are created. The Matt-Look conquers in 2016 as well the international runways. It-girls of the New York scene spread the trend and wear make up in a Matt-Look during work, after work or casually – Matt Works 24/7.


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