Jill Stuart October 2017 Beauty Products

Hello beauties!

Jill Stuart will release new beauty items in the middle of Fall 2017. We are going to see new hand creams, a new nail oils and a couple more of body products. In the meantime you can check out the newly released Jill Stuart Fall 2017 Makeup Collection which hit counters on 4 August 2017.


Japan Launch Date – 6 October 2017

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Victoria’s Secret Spring 2017 Lace Collection

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Victoria’s Secret presents its new Spring 2017 Lace Collection of new must-have mists and lotions. There are four scented variations and you can get them for a really great offer at 2 for $15.00 or 4 for $25.00.



U.S. Launch Date – Now at Victoria’s Secret and online @victoriassecret.com

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Artdeco Specials for Spa & Body

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Artdeco presents a differing kind of collection, Spa & Body Specials, which features products meant to take you into an imaginary journey of the eastern spa and get you completely relaxed.


The new Specials for Spa & Body take you on a journey through an aromatic far eastern spa. Scented candles fill your home with fresh and fruity or soft and tender smells. The nourishing bath milk pampers your skin with precious and exotic ingredients.


International Launch Date – November 2016 at Douglas Continue Reading

Jill Stuart Holiday 2016 Makeup & Relax Collections

Hello beauties!

The new Jill Stuart Tweed Party Holiday 2016 Collection looks absolutely adorable. Pink chiffon and sweet, fresh colors are making a comeback next season in Jill Stuart Christmas 2016 Collection. Relax Collection has not been forgotten and the products are getting a limited edition, festive packaging. How I wish I’d receive some of these as a Christmas gift this year….unbelievable cute.


Bringing a variety of colors and qualities to your eyes and fingertips, create your own unique arrangement and become cuter than anyone else with stunning tweed makeup. Add them to the products you normally use and enjoy that little extra something during the holiday season.


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Jill Stuart Holiday 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

I’m keeping that Christmassy spirit today on the blog by bringing you Jill Stuart Holiday 2016 Collection, a real cuteness to watch. The products have such a feminine and girly-girl design that always made me adore Jill Stuart makeup. This time for the holiday 2016 collection, beside makeup, we will have a brush kit and a super cute gift with a vintage canister where you can keep your brushes. Take a closer look after the jump and discover the entire collection.



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Guerlain Les Delices de Bain 2016 Collection

Hello beauties!

Guerlain creates a body ritual for women and men and launches Guerlain Les Delices de Bain, a trio of bath & body products in notes of bergamot, orange blossom, almond, white musk, vanilla and wood. The new mini collections features a shower gel, body lotion and perfumed deodorant.




France Launch Date – Now at @guerlain.com/fr

International Launch Date – June 2016 at Department Stores Continue Reading

Jill Stuart Relax Body Care 2016 Collection

Hello pretties!

Jill Stuart new summer 2016 Relax Body Care Collection is launching next week in a limited edition. Apart from the two new products that I wanna talk to you about, I also want to reveal the new Jill Stuart Translucent Honey Powder.


Mornings, as you awaken from slumber,  and those moments spent in contemplation of yourself. Bring sweet reverberations to everything;  all that you touch, all that you wear,  the very air that fills the space around you.

Because you wish to be smooth and cute, even beneath the summer sun.  UV care with a gentle fragrance, providing rich moisture along with beauty essence from flowers and fruit. White and pink flowers, along with the lily’s that JILL so loves.  A white floral fragrance that blends them all meltingly together. While bringing a comfortable fragrance to delicate skin, hair and lips, gently, so gently, protects you from dryness and UV rays.


Asia Launch Date – 3 June 2016 Continue Reading

Jill Stuart Relax Collection Summer 2016

Hello lovelies!

Jill Stuart presents its annual body care line for summer that will be released next month in a limited edition. Take a closer look at the new Jill Stuart Relax 2016 Collection which features five body care products. The entire collection is presented in such a pretty packaging while all the products have the same scented Floral Marine formula.




Japan Launch Date – 6 May 2016 Continue Reading