Dior Addict Skincare Line 2015

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This season the newness are not only about makeup as Dior launches the Addict Skincare Line. This is actually a mini skincare collection presented by Francoi Demarchy, Dior fragrance designer, which features no more than two Dior skincare products for body and bath. Revealing fresh and sensual new Dior moisturizing body milk and perfumed deodorant, these products are presented in a white packaging which definitely expresses purity and freshness.



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Jill Stuart Body Care Summer 2015 Collection

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Jill Stuart’s Body Care 2015 Summer Collection is wrapped around a fresh scent of grapefruit and bergamot and will be released in limited quantities at the beginning of June. Presented in a special packaging of a soft gold color with yellow ribbons the five new Jill Stuart body care products vary from body mist and shower gel to hand essence and UV cut spray. All these products will help you keep you skin hydrated and moisturized all summer long and will also give you that fresh scent of fruits and flowers mixed together.


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Jill Stuart Relax Aqua Chiffon Protector N 2015 Spring

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It surely seems like a new product will be joining Jill Stuart Relax Collection starting 2015 spring. I’m talking about the new Aqua Chiffon Protector N that I told about briefly HERE and now I want to give you more details. Now it comes available in a limited edition packaging decorated with a bouquet themed flower pattern.

The new smooth and dry powder formulation keeps your skin smooth at all times and not sticky in the slightest. A gel sensation, packed with moisture. Sun screen that protects your skin while wreathing it in a lovely fragrance.


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Jill Stuart Relax Fall 2014 Collection

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Take a moment to enjoy the new Jill Stuart Relax Fall 2014 Collection that will be released next week.

When you awake in the morning, and when you look at yourself. Bring a sweet resonance to all that you touch and wear, to the very atmosphere of a room; to everything. 

When the day ends, and you turn inward to the voice of your body, enjoy a moment of luxury, enveloped in the fragrance of flowers. If you give yourself over to a feeling of romance, allowing your skin and your mind to sink into gentle relaxation, you’ll achieve skin that you just can’t help but touch, and a blessed moment during which you can utterly be yourself.

Take a refreshing, sweet aura and bring a whole new level of smoothness to your naked skin, surely transforming the you of tomorrow into an even brighter, more sparkling self.


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Jill Stuart Relax Holiday 2014 Collection

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Gather around to take a first look at the upcoming Jill Stuart Relax Holiday 2014 Collection which is due to be launched in two months. Every year Jill Stuart renews her bath & body collection but this time is released a couple of limited edition products just in time for the holiday season. In a new article I’ll be telling you more about the new Jill Stuart Relax Fall 2014 Collection but until then let’s take a quick peek at the beauties bellow.


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Paul & Joe Body Care Fall 2014 Collection

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Paul & Joe presents its new Body Care Fall 2014 Collection which features three new hand creams and two body mist fragrances in a feminine and floral packaging.


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Benefit Majorette Blush & Bathina for Fall 2014

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Meet the two new products that Benefit is launching at the beginning of fall 2014. The super cute Majorette Booster Blush and Bathina Just Confess, You’re Obsessed body mist which joined Benefit’s Bathina line and will continue to expand and feature new products in 2015.



International Launch Date – 30 August 2014

U.K. Launch Date – September 2014

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I Love Cosmetics Summer 2014 Collection

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Earlier this month I had the most delicious and best smelling experience when I was invited to check out the new I Love Cosmetics Summer 2014 Collection. I’m honestly telling you it can’t get any sweeter than this when you are surrounded by cupcakes, macaroons, jelly and all the kinds of colorful candies but since I gave up sweets a while ago and started a new life style I found my comfort in the new I Love body care products which smell delicious. My body can experience any sweetness and candy or fruit fragrance thanks to the new shower gels, body lotions, shower cremes and bubble baths and I can still keep my word regarding my diet.



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