Beauty's honeymoon

Now is the time to transform yourself into a summer queen! Is not that hard! Take a look of some of the miracles that charmed me!

Sweet Kiss

Honey hydrates lips and makes them even more “kissable”. Exfoliate them with honey and sugar then wear a gloss that will pop them up. How about L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 100 Years collection (12 $) ?

Boots-No-7-Intelligent-Balance Cafe au Lait

You drink your coffee on the first hours of morning on your favorite coffee bar terrace and you are wondering why everybody is admiring you? They are all curious how is it that your complexion shines like honey. Your secret: Intelligent Balance foundation Boots No 7 (13$). It’s hypo-allergenic and sunscreen SPF 12.

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Sensible makeup for sensitive skin type with Boots No7

A sensitive skin needs not only a special care but also a sensitive makeup. As i was writing in my previous article, you need to use products specially designed for your type of skin. I will dedicate this article to those who have sensitive type of  skin and i will show you how important is to  select carefully from all those makeup products the ones fit for you.

First of all you must be very careful when you make your makeup-bag and if you bear  in mind some important things, you won’t be facing any problems.

Boots No 7 Intelligent Balance Foundation make-up. It must be non-comedogenic (it does not tamp the pores). For this you can rely on Boots No 7 Intelligent Balance which contains a formula that will absorb all sebum excess. With the light air texture this soft mousse foundation will give your skin a perfect finish and will provide flawless medium-to-full coverage. It has been dermatological tested and fragrance free specially designed for a sensitive skin like yours, creating a barrier that will keep your skin shine free all day. Continue Reading