Calvin Klein 2017 Deep Euphoria Eau de Toilette

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This spring Calvin Klein launches Deep Euphoria Eau de Toilette, a new fragrance for women, a more radiant and spring appropriate scent that the previous Deep Euphoria EDP (info, photos). This seductive scent has rose and aquatic accords and it’s presented in the classical ellipse-shaped rosy pink bottle. It has shiny metal accents which makes the packaging even more seductive that the previous version.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eau de Toilette campaign is fronted by actress Margot Robbie, one of my favorites if I might say, lounging elegantly under warm rays of the sun in a hotel room with two me alongside her.


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Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Fall 2016

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She’s one of my favorite actresses and always a pleasure to watch her in advertorials and photo shootings, so starting this fall Margot Robbie will be in her first ever ad campaign of Calvin Klein as the brand launches Deep Euphoria fragrance. I said before so many times, that Calvin Klein fragrances were always among my favorites and I’ve been collecting them for years, but the classical Euphoria Eau de Parfum has been on my top 3 favorite perfumes list. I was always so excited when the brand released a new edition, and even though the bottles are empty I’m still able to sniff the fragrance of my beloved Euphoria Blossom or Crystal.



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Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2016 for Women & Men

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Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2016 edition has been revealed.  This year CK One unisex fragrance was inspired by a summer adventure in the jungle, as green bottle decorated with palm tree leaves also suggests. A new refreshing, rebellious and citrus fragrance for both man and women will be available as 100 ml Eau de Toilette in limited edition.



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Calvin Klein Summer 2016 Fragrance Edition

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I’ve always loved Calvin Klein fragrances and I declare myself a fan of the brand, as I owned every summer fragrance edition they came up with and not only. This month you can already find at the counters Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2016 fragrances for men and women. I was in love with the original Calvin Klein Eternity scent for years and has been my go to perfume throughout my entire adolescence so I can never miss one of their new editions. Let’s discover them together right after the jump.



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Calvin Klein Tutu Nail Enamel Review, Swatches, Photos

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This is the first time I get to try a Calvin Klein Nail Enamel and since I love wearing black nails the Tutu color was right up my alley. I got this shade at #BeautySwapbyBeautyBarometer event about 2 weeks ago, in exchange for some of my personal makeup products. I was really curious to try out a Calvin Klein nail polish since I’m a huge fan of the brand and a collector of CK fragrances.



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Calvin Klein Tutu Nail Enamel ($16.00 / £11.00 for 10 ml / 0.34 oz) is black base with silver and bronze glitter. I personally adore wearing darker nail polishes and this Calvin Klein Tutu nail polish has this bronzy touch of glitter that really stand out against the dark base. The glitter is so smooth and fine so it doesn’t feel rough or lumpy at all. Applied in one layer the polish has a semi-opaque color coverage so it takes two layers to have an opaque color coverage with a nice shine. Continue Reading

Calvin Klein Euphoria Essence for Summer 2015

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This summer Calvin Klein will release so many new fragrances and I couldn’t be more happier as I’ve always been a fan of the brand and I purchased every edition of feminine fragrance and even a couple of men fragrances. The Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova will be the face of Calvin Klein Euphoria Essence, a new fragrance for both men and women that will be released in late summer. I can easily turn back time 10 years and I can remember how mesmerized I was by the scent of the original Calvin Klein Euphoria parfum as it is even now one of my all time favorite scents (I still have it in my collection). As years went by the brand released Euphoria Crystal, Euphoria Blossom which soon joined my fragrance collection.


“I’ve always loved my Calvin Klein family – that didn’t go away with time,” she said. “It was a wonderful surprise to be asked back.” – said Vodianova


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Calvin Klein Eternity Now Summer 2015

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I loved and owned every single edition of Calvin Klein Eternity fragrance and I can’t remember how many times I’ve purchased the original and first release of this scent. Every summer a new limited edition scent is being revealed and summer 2015 presents Calvin Klein Eternity Now which comes as Eau de Parfum for women and Eau de Toilette for Men. Like all the previous Eternity editions this one keeps the tradition of floral and fresh accords, just perfect for a summer parfum.



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CK Free Energy Fragrance for Summer 2015

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This season Calvin Klein launches a new energizing summer fragrance, the new CK Free Energy with fresh and spicy accords. The new version of CK Free is inspired by the sunrise, presenting a fresh and bright scent that will energize your through the hot summer days. The fragrance comes in a funky orange bottle.



International Launch Date – May 2015 at Sephora, Douglas

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