Beauty Show – Fall 2009 – Sexy Eyes (part 3)


It’s a colorful Autumn, so you can satisfy all your fantasies in terms of eye makeup – from the thinnest eye contour or a more intense one with black eyeliner, tot the tinted eyelids or in “naughty” colors.

Mascara Burjois Coup de Theatre 2 in 1 Violet Tip: A very sensual trend of this season is the makeup “tone on tone”. For example, they eyelids painted in beige or brown shades must be assorted with a blush also brown and lips of beige or nude colors.

Here are my recommendations, about some of them you can read more on Karen’s blog, because she already review some of them.

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Signature Eyeshadow Quad – Rose Amethyst – 35$

Lancome Declaring Indigo Ink Artliner – 24$

Chanel Venice Eye Gloss Luminous Cream Quadra Eye Shadow – 65$

Sephora Doe Eyed Felt Eye Liner

Mascara Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2 in 1 Violet – 21$

Corector Maybelline Affinitone Concealer

Rimmel Color Rush Special Effects Mono Eyeshadow – After Dark – 5.75$

Dark nails


Learn new tricks. Get inspired. Be beautiful !

I hope that you like this come-back as much as I do! I always loved dark nails. Black, dark brown or mysterious purple, you name your favorite, but all these dark nail polish colors gave me the feeling of a mysterious and strong women. They look great on short nails but if you choose some art nail design (with the condition that you won’t color all your nail) you can wear you nails a little bit longer.

The colors

Darker shades – purple, indigo, plum, red-black – are sober and sexy at the same time. Plus, they complement perfectly outfits in neutral colors (gray, beige, brown) so fashionable this fall.


There is no problem if you want to wear your nails a little bit longer and rounded at the top, but darker nail polishes look better on very short nails, naturally rounded at the top.


Only specialists have such a precision to manage not to stain the cuticles when they apply the nail polish. So we would better use first a base coat, then the nail polish, and in the end a top coat that will make the nail polish resist better and have a nice shine.

Here are my nail polishes suggestions for this fall. Karen from MakeupAndBeautyBlog and Michelle from  AllLacqueredUp already reviewed some of them, so you are only a click away from seeing these beautiful swatches.

Beauty Show – Fall 2009 – Hot Lips (part 2)


Contrasts are the law when it comes to color lips this season: you can opt for electric colors, but even  for some very dark ones. Common denominator is boldly. As for me, I think I will stick to those electric colors, cause being so white skin dark colors won’t do anything else, then make me look very pale or even Emo style.


Tip: If you want purple or electric pink lips, the eyes makeup should be reduced to minimum – neutral eyeshadow and mascara -, otherwise you will get more a funny look then a trendy one. For evening, when you want a retro-glam look, you can accentuate your eyes and lips, with the condition that you’ll stick in the same color range. Continue Reading

Beauty show – Fall 2009 – Doll face (part 1)


I know that you are curious to find out with what colors and makeup styles you will be in the spotlight in the cold season, so I will give you all the details about the newest makeup trends. I will split this article in 3 parts and dedicate this first part to makeup for your complexion. In the next two parts I will uncover you the latest trends of hot lips and sexy eyes.


LesTissages-Chanel Complexion like porcelain and cheeks like only dolls have are among the celebrities looks of this season!

Tip: To see exactly where you should apply your blush, look in the mirror after you made a little effort to see where your cheeks turned naturally pink. You won’t fail, if after you shook up in your hand the brush loaded with powder or blush, you start applying from the lower part of your cheek b bones to the temples. Continue Reading

Silver eyes – cool and natural makeup look

Silver is perfect as an evening makeup and emphasizes the eyes, no matter the color. If you take a peek to Giorgio’s Armani summer collection and you’ll study the radiance makeups based of metallic gray, you will see that I’m right.

Choose products for both lips and cheeks that include in their composition shiny particles. Even celebrities like Blake Lively adopted this makeup. Let’s get inspired by this  natural makeup. You can use some products from my suggestions bellow or you can try your own and let me know how the look came up.

Silver eyes look

What you need:

  1. MM795344 Collistar Kajal duo Magnetica collection. Use the black for a discreet eye contour, and the white to  to illuminate the internal corners and inside the lower lid.
  2. Gloss Clinique long last glosswear ( SPF 15) – 27 $
  3. Chanel Soleil Tan is a gently bronzing. It’s innovative oil-free formula promise to give you a natural gorgeous bronze. It’s available on 5 shades at Sephora for about 50$. 
  4. The corrector from L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Concentrat (14.25 $).
  5. Mascara Captiv Eyes Extreme Black from Givenchy ( 26$ at Sephora).  This intense volumizing mascara will instantly plumps and thickens your lashes to the maximum. From the first application your look will be intensified because this irresistible mascara  plays with the light in order to create a deep and intense reflection. It’s available in 2 shades: Extreme black and Brown black. Continue Reading

How to give volume to your lips,

A little bit of color and a drop of  shine…this is the recipe of a look that will make your boyfriend to wish to kiss over and over again.

Chanel Eclat Lumiere Technique

Apply an illuminator above the natural contour of upper lips to create  a sensation of  deepness.  I can recommend you Chanel Eclat Lumiere Highlifter Face Pen. You can find it in beauty shops available in two shades, beige rose and beige tendre-light. You can also use Eclat Lumiere to add radiance to your make and dark areas of the face. You can instantly see how it reduces the appearance of fine lines with an optical effect and lightens dark circles. It is a good product indeed but kind of expensive for some of us. Price is near 40 $.

Continue Reading