My Pink & Coral Makeup for Spring 2010

If I look in the calendar Spring is only 3 weeks away but if I look on the window I see the middle of winter. Snow everywhere, ice and cold temperatures. This week only for a day was sunny outside and I just imagine it could be a spring day so I came up with this Pink and Coral Makeup Look.

I’m attracted to pink eyeshadows, pink glosses and almost everything that is pink and can me used in makeup. This is Spring like I see it. What is your makeup spring look for 2010?

I’ve used pink lipgloss on my lips and a pink creme color on my nails but if you are interested in the whole makeup and close-up photos keep reading. Continue Reading

Pink and Black Cat eye makeup inspired by Illamasqua Android Pure Pigment

Hi everyone,

Finally I’m ready to post my second makeup inspired by Illamasqua Android Pure Pigment. Black and Pink are my two favorite colors that I use all the time in my makeup routine. I’ve tried to do a makeup look something between a cat eye and smokey eye by combining these 2 shades.

Pink is a color that always succeeded to raise my mood and make me feel happy. Android Pure Pigment has shimmering particles included which can be the right shade to use for an evening makeup, party makeup or any fancy celebration where you want your eye to sparkle. Continue Reading

Coral Spring Makeup inspired by Cabana Coral Collection by Bobbi Brown

Are you in love with coral shades? Have you seen Bobbi’s  Cabana Coral Collection for Spring 2010 and you want to adopt the same makeup this Spring?

Keep reading if you want to find out Bobbi’s Coral Beauty Tips and how you can use them to have a sunny and fresh look everyday.

Coral lips and cheeks are an easy way to add a pop of color to your makeup. I developed a modern, wearable formula that looks sunny and fresh, never chalky.

Are you one of those girls who is cautious about corals? Well, I am! But Bobbi promises that will take only 5 minutes to make them cool.


I love the color – but worry that it’ll look to bright or chalky.


Bobbi’s modern formulas and juice colors take a classic shade for a modern spin.

Coral can be one of the most uplifting color a woman can wear and can make the skin look younger and fresher. The easiest place to wear coral are on the cheeks and lips. Pale peachy corals look great on lighter skin tones and suits women with silver, grey and light blonde hair.

For women with more olive and deeper complexions a bronzy coral will look sexy and still appear fresh. Continue Reading

Brown and Shimmer Smokey Eye Makeup inspired by Illamasqua Android Pure Pigment

Hi everyone,

today’s Smokey Eye Chic Makeup is inspired by Illamasqua’s Android Pure Pigment. As I promised in the review of the Android Pure Pigment here is one of my favorite’s eye makeup looks.

I’ve done this look last week together with another one in pink eyeshadows that I hope to post it soon. I’ve been so lazy lately most of it because of the weather outside and these cold temperatures but I really hope to finish with this phase and post the other smokey eye makeup look (I’ve already took photos) in the next few days.

This is what I came up with and I hope you guys will like it. Let me know what you think about it (I’m not so talented I know that) in the comments bellow. 🙂 Continue Reading

Fashion Smoke makeup inspired by Too Faced Smoky eye palette

Few days ago I did another Smoky eye makeup inspired by Too Faced Smoky eye palette. This look is called Fashion Smoke and I have to tell from the beginning that I never use blue or green shades for my makeup looks, so this was a real challenge for me.


Maybe it’s only my impression but I don’t like using green and blue eyeshadows since my eyes are green and I try to emphasize them by using other colors like violet, pink, gold or brown shades. A few years ago I was using a lot of  black and gray eyeshadows for everyday smoky eye makeup, but if you are bored with the classical black eyeshadow you can try a purple smoky eye makeup which seems to be very trendy this fall and also suits every skin, hair and eye color.


For this Fashion Smoke makeup I used the 3 eyeshadows ( Sugar Cookie, Wicked Green and Midnight ) from the Too Faced Smoky eye palette and my own makeup brushes. Continue Reading

Day Smoke makeup inspired by Too Faced Smoky eye palette

Do you remember the Smoky Eye palette by Too Faced that I reviewed few days ago? I promised that I would come back with a makeup inspired by this  palette, so you can see in the photos below what I’ve came up with.


This look is called Day Smoke and is one of the three makeup looks proposed by the makeup artists of Too Faced. Inside this palette are 3 cards with makeup tips to help you obtain the best smoky eye look.


I chose the Day Smoke makeup today because I had to go for the second day at Cosmetic Beauty Hair  – international exhibition of products and equipment for cosmetology, body care and hairdressing – and I wanted something chic and classy, wearable in the day time but also with some mystery inside.


I usually use lots of brown and bronzy shades in my makeup and these are some beautiful colors. They are very easy to apply on the lid and above the crease. I didn’t use the 2 double-sided brush/sponge applicators because I preferred to use my own makeup brushes, which I’m use to. Continue Reading