A Twist of Blue Makeup Look

Hello lovelies!

I don’t know what this summer did to me but I admit I’ve been reaching out for those blue eyeshadows more than ever. Every now and then, at least 2 times a month I feel like including a blue eyeshadow in my makeup look so with a A Twist of Blue in mind I invite you to take a look bellow and see what I’ve came up with. Since I have green eyes I know blue is not a shade that will complement my look but just a twist of it on the lower lash line can add a pop of color to the entire makeup.

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Summer Sunset Makeup Look

Hello beauties!

As the summer is almost over, the other week I came up with this Summer Sunset Makeup Look, as I was watching the beautiful colors of the sunset, an image that I will surely miss once the rainy season will be here. I kept the eye makeup as light as possible, in a soft combination of corals, nudes, light golds and a luminous white, while for the lips I choose a bright reddish pink to intensify the entire look and add a pop of color.

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Coral and Black Summer Makeup

Hello beauties!

Coral and Black Summer Makeup is a new look that I wore last week. I was in a hurry and I didn’t want to allocate more than 10 minutes for my entire makeup so I was thinking of choosing shades that will add freshness and a natural effortless look to the entire makeup since it was middle of the day. Knowing that I’ll arrive home late in the night I still wanted a touch of color that will make the entire look day and night time appropriate without being too dramatic or too natural. Time was not on my side for a combination between soft corals with a matte finish and a touch of black eyeshadow seemed like the perfect choice at the time. Take a look right bellow to see how I combined the shades and what are the rest of the products used for this casual day and night Coral and Black Makeup.

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Luxurious Nude Makeup Look for Hot Summer Nights

Hello lovelies!

This summer I’m at extremes when it comes to makeup and colors combination. Either I’m in the mood to wear something so bright and vivid like orange, greens, yellow and blues or I’m turning towards those browns, golds, champagne and naked colors. The thing is all this summer I’ve been more into those luxurious nudes with a satin or metallic finish and I’m thinking I’ll be turning the page and go back to matte finish nudes and naturals later on the fall. I wore this Luxurious Nude Makeup last week when I spent a very special evening with my friends and the locations as well as the dress code required something classy but still with a touch of luxury. If you want to check out the shades I blended together for this summer makeup look, then take a peek right after the jump.


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Fiery Burgundy Pink Makeup

Hello pretties!

It’s time for a new hot summer makeup look and this time I want to share with you my new Fiery Burgundy Pink Makeup, one that I worn last weekend for a night out with¬† my friends. As usually I’m more into nudes and naturals, I like to wear at least during the weekends a different makeup look, more intense and seductive so this time I choose something very easy to achieve and not very dramatic. Shades of burgundy, whine and plums are among my favorite when it comes to emphasize the green color of my eyes so take a look after the break and see what products I’ve used for this hot burgundy pink look.


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Tropical Green Summer Makeup

Hello beauties!

Last week as the temperatures have gone crazy hot in here I wanted to keep my makeup as simple and as light as possible. Since summer is usually all about bright and intense shades I wanted to play a little around the green shades so I came up with this new Tropical Green Summer Makeup look that is easy to achieve and took me less than 10 minutes to complete. I usually don’t reach out for green shades as my eyes are green and I don’t feel this eyeshadow color will really complement them but it would be lovely if girls with dark eye colors will try it. Take a look after the jump and see the list of the products I’ve used for this tutorial.


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Satin Gold and Brown Makeup for Green Eyes

Hello beauties!

Nudes and naturals are for everyone but my favorite are those with satin finish. During the day I like to wear a natural makeup using matte finish shades while in the evening whenever I choose a nude makeup look I like to pick only those eye shadow with a satin, light metallic finish like the ones from the upcoming MustaeV Nude Quad Eye Shadow Palette that I just reviewed recently.


Last weekend for girl’s night out in the town I choose to wear this Satin Gold and Brown Makeup which complements not only green eyes but I believe all eye colors as well and is easy to achieve, the entire key being the blending technique. As I also have hooded lids I wanted to keep it simple and line only my waterline and the inner part of my upper lid. Take a look after the break to check out the products I’ve used for this look. Continue Reading

Black Eyeliner Meets Nude Eyeshadows

Hello lovelies!

I just came home from night out in the city with my friends and as I’m still wearing this makeup I want to post the tutorial now as I’m super excited about this look. You know I don’t have a steady hand when it comes to eyeliner but lately I’ve been practicing with my MustaeV Tension Fit Liquid Liner Brush Pen and everytime things are so easy.¬† I wanted to create a bold makeup look, something more suitable for going to the club so I came up with this combination between Nude Eyeshadow from MustaeV Nude Quad Eye Shadow Palette and black eyeliner. After 5 hours the makeup looks flawless, I didn’t retouch anything so take a look at the products I’ve used right after the jump.


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