Estee Lauder Beauty of the Night Holiday 2015 Collection Preview, Photos

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For me this holiday 2015 season was heavily dominated by Estee Lauder since I couldn’t resist their offers which were more tempting than ever. On my visit to Selfridges (video) I couldn’t pass by Estee Lauder Beauty of the Night Collection which features skincare deluxe sample size items worth over £85.00. I think is a great deal for your money since you get to try out a lot of the Estee Lauder skincare products only for the price of £35.00 and you are easily qualify for this purchase if you buy any other Estee Lauder product (skincare, makeup, fragrance). I must admit I was trying to decide what to buy as all the items and newness were so damn appealing so I really had a hard time taking the best decision and trying to do smart shopping but also thinking about the products that you guys may want to see swatched or reviewed here on the blog. So after I swatched multiple lip products and eyeshadows I finally choose to get Estee Lauder Give Every Shade Holiday 2015 Set ($49.50 / £55.00).



UK Launch Date – Now online, Selfridges, Boots, Harrods

U.S. Launch Date – Now online and department stores Continue Reading

Dolce & Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick & Lipgloss

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I knew exactly what department stores and beauty shops I wanted to see and buy from right before I came to London, so I had to stop by Harrods just because of my love for Dolce & Gabbana makeup. Obviously I couldn’t help myself of spending some change there on these gorgeous pink lip products and I also took a closer look at the new D&G The Essence of Holidays 2015 Collection (info, photos). Once I smelt D&G The One Essence fragrance, I had to put it on top of my “next fragrance purchase” list and I was also able to swatch the new D&G Sophia Loren Lipstick (photos) but decided the color is not for me, but definitely gorgeous and classy for more mature women.



UK – Now at Harrods

U.S. – Now and Neiman Marcus

I’m addicted to pink as you well know it so I couldn’t leave Harrods without purchasing a bright pink shade of D&G Classic Cream Lipstick in No.255 Shocking and delicious nude violet pink D&G Intense Colour Gloss in No.65 Raspberry. Continue Reading

Estee Lauder The Makeup Artist Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

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I wanted Estee Lauder The Makeup Artist Collection for myself since I first posted about this amazing offer. Every year before the holiday season starts, Estee Lauder presents its famous Christmas gift sets and along with them the annual Makeup Case. You’ve already seen me unboxing Estee Lauder Holiday 2015 Makeup Artist Collection (video) about two weeks ago when I was in London and I’m sure you noticed my excitement as this is one of the holiday 2015 gift sets that I’ve been planning to buy as a Birthday present (coming up next week) from me to myself.



U.S. – Now at Estee Lauder counters and online

UK – Now at Selfridges, Boots, House of Fraser, John Lewis and online

Estee Lauder The Makeup Artist Collection ($59.50 / £54.00) is a great deal for your money as you get makeup and skincare products worth more than $350 / £290. Continue Reading

I’m Teasing you with my Latest MustaeV Makeup Products

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As you know, purple is my second favorite shade after pink, so today I wanna tease you not only with my latest MustaeV makeup products but with some of my favorite purple eye shadows as well. My new MustaeV 24 Eyeshadow Palette (review, photos) has been missing purple tones so getting these new shades surely made it look more colorful.


You’ve already seen a preview of everything I’m posting here in the video where I showed you how easy it is to depot MustaeV eyeshadows and insert them into your palette. Obviously I took the palette with me in my trip to London and I’ve been wearing the new MustaeV purple shades quite a lot so in the next few days I’ll be able to tell you more about them in individual review posts.



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Chicprofile in London

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I’m currently away in London so that’s why I’ve been more active on social media and Periscope rather than posting articles on the blog. Most of you are already updated with everything I’ve been doing since I’m here but for those who may not know yet please go check out my Youtube Chanel as I’ve posted all my Periscope replays there.


I’m trying to keep you updated as much as I can. Yesterday I was at Sky Garden, an amazing place which offers an incredible view of London (video). I went there around 6 PM (made reservations 3 weeks in advance) and I was blown away by the view, but also by this amazing place, a bar and a restaurant set up in a indoor garden (video). Continue Reading

Deborah Milano Relaunch in Romania

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Deborah Milano is a family business foundation in 1962 and for a long time is market leader on Italian cosmetic market. I’ve been blogging about this brand quite a lot in the past and I’m happy it was recently re-launched here in Romania. In case you’ve missed it I invite you to watch my video from Deborah Milano re-launch event and to enjoy the new products, swatches and more details.



Romania – Now at Kendra Continue Reading

Givenchy Vinyl Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

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I have exciting news to share with you today as I had a closer look at the new limited edition Givenchy Vinyl Fall 2015 Collection (info, promo images). I was looking forward to seeing this collection up close and to be able to swatch it for you, as the concept of vinyl seems to interesting, mysterious and appealing at the same time. I’m really excited about the idea of a Givenchy collection presented in a shiny aura so I invite you to discover it right after the jump.



Romania Launch Date – September 2015 exclusively at Sephora

UK Launch Date – end August 2015 Continue Reading

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions for a Natural, Sexy and Glamorous Look

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It’s been more than a year since I got my Irresistible Me Hair Extensions (review, photos) and even though I haven’t talked to you about them in a very long time, I still wore them on special occasions. If you haven’t seen my Irresistible Me Hair Extensions before and after photos you can check them out and see the difference as today I want to show you how natural they look even after more than one year of wear.



U.S. & International – now and using the code IrresistibleTavia at checkout you get 10% discount (international shipping).

I have very thin hair, as I’m a natural blonde who never dyed her hair, and you’ve probably noticed how smooth and fine it’s in several of my makeup looks (I’m wearing Irresistible Me Hair Extensions). Continue Reading