Chicprofile Makeup Haul – 2010 Makeup and Beauty Products from 22 Beauty Brands

Hello again my dears,

As I said in my “Chic returns from Vacation + Photos” post, while I was away traveling and relaxing I also had time to do some makeup shopping.

I decided to make a separate post and show you the products that I’ve bought (I’m sorry, I know the photo doesn’t show very well all the products). It was quite a shopping spree for me and I truly say this is the first time in my life when I go and buy so much makeup. I never had so many makeup products before ( I didn’t had Chicprofile also) since I’m not addictive to makeup and I like to keep all my products in a small makeup case ( I will probably make a photo later).

I usually don’t like to buy too much makeup because I don’t get to use all the products before they expire, but know since I have the blog things have changed because I also receive a lot of products for reviewing. Continue Reading

La Mer Powder from Skincolor Collection – Preview, Information, Photos

Hi everyone,

As I’m sure you already know by now, La Mer is one of my two favorite brands when it comes to skincare. I used quite a few products from La Mer and I can definitely say this brand deserves its place it top of the pyramid when it comes to quality, results and of course prices.

Everything from La Mer is quality and elegance. Take a look at packaging and details and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. I’ve tried their creams, lotions and face serums and I’ve made friends for life with some of their products but I’ve also got to know some of the products from Skincolor Collection.

A while ago I received a package with products from Skincare collection containing:

I was really impressed with the quality of these products so I’ve got The Powder from the same collection.

I was in search for a great translucent powder and La Mer was my fairy so I’ve got the Powder in 01 Creme. Continue Reading

Max Factor Colour Effect Summer 2010 Collection – Products Preview, Photos, Swatches

Hello my dears,

Today I just received a few products from Max Factor Colour Effect Summer 2010 Collection so I wanted to make a quick preview with close-up photos and some swatches.

Colour Effect makeup collection will be available starting June 2010. It’s a collection full of bright colors, many products to choose from and a large palette of colors.

I’m just going to give you a few details about the products that I’ve got, you can also see swatches but it will take a me a few days before I will come back with a full review ( lip swatches, nail swatches, makeup looks) for every product.

I’m really excited about these products because they are all in pink colors and it will be a pleasure to review them. Continue Reading

Clinique Makeup for Eyes and Lips – Preview + Photos

Hi everyone,

Just the other day I received a small package from Clinique containing a few products for eyes and lips. I will make a quick preview and tell you something about each and every one of them.

Later on I will return with a full review of each product so if you see anything that you like and you want me to review it first, please let me know.

All these products can be found @ Clinique if you want to purchase them online or in almost every beauty shop or perfumery.

I would also like to know your impression about Clinique makeup products, if you have any favorite products and what are they.

I have a big experience with Clinique cosmetic products, since I’ve been using them for years but as far as Clinique makeup goes I can say I’m quite a beginner. 🙂

After the jump check out more photos and products’ details. Continue Reading

Illamasqua Body Electrics Spring-Summer 2010 Collection – Cute Packaging – Preview + Photos

Hi everyone,

Last week I finally got the package from Illamasqua. Due to some air traffic problems my package arrived much later then it was expected. Maybe some of you know the problem with that smoke that caused all the terrible delays and air traffic problems in almost all European airports.

Anyway I’m just happy that I finally got some promo materials  and two nail polishes from Illamasqua. They’ve all came packed in this pretty turquoise box with this elegant bow. I’m a sucker for cute packaging so I must tell you that I’m going to keep this box and I already feel attached to it. Even Illamasqua admitted they received positive feedbacks for this packaging. Continue Reading

Smashbox Naked Beauty Collection for Summer 2010 – Preview, Photos, Swatches

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I just got my Smashbox Naked Beauty summer 2010 collection. This collection will be available starting May 2010 at Sephora, Ulta and Nordstrom but I already have the products so you can all take a look and see if you like anything.

Naked Beauty collections contains a variety of nude, natural shades for a more natural makeup look. The packaging is really pretty and I especially love the Lip Gloss Collection. The whole collection is packed with nearly-naked shades of eyes, lips and cheeks. Summer of 2010 is all about exposing your natural beauty and creating an ethereal, lift-from-withing with these Smashbox products.

After the jump check out more photos and swatches.
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La Mer Regenerating Serum – Preview + Photos

Hi everyone,

Few days ago I received another package from La Mer with their new Regenerating Serum. I’m so happy that I can try this product since I’ve heard so many good things about it.

I start using it today in the morning so I thought to write a preview because it will take a while before I will return with a full review. Because of what it suppose to do I must test it for couple of weeks before I can share with you my opinion.

All I can say so far is that this serum feels so light on my face and I can even add my face cream on top of it. My skin is oily but this serum skins so fast into the skin and I love it so far because I don’t see my face shining (3 hours passed and I don’t see any signs of oiliness).

Because it’s a serum can also be used by women who have oily skin and if you like you an apply on top of it La Mer Oil Absorbing Lotion (review). I didn’t tried this yet but I will do it tomorrow and let you know how it was when I will post the review.

Now let’s take a look at its ingredients, price, learn the steps of application and check out some of the photos. 🙂
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Preview: La Mer Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 15 – Photos + Information

Hello my dears,

After I wrote in the past few days about the Radiant Concealer SPF 25 and Foundation Brush included in the Skincolor Collection from La Mer, today is time for the preview on the Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 25.

What is the word out there about Treatment Fluid Foundation SPF 25

“Engineered with weightless color and La Mer’s remarkable skincare benefits, this silken, lightweight fluid has the power to visibly transform the complexion. Gemstones capture light energy to create a translucent color palette, optically erasing imperfections to reveal a naturally flawless complexion. Created with a rare blue algae transformed through La Mer’s exclusive bio-fermentation process, a Blue Algae Lift Ferment, along with precious marine and plant extracts, immediately adds radiance while working continuously to lift skin’s appearance and restore the look of firmness, clarity and brightness. Skin’s ability to renew itself is greatly enhanced as it is trained to sustain a smoother, softer, more resilient appearance. Flexible medium coverage brings skin a naturally luminous finish. Protects with SPF 15.”

The Treatment Fluid Foundation bottle comes packed in a white silky box. The 30 ml bottle has a white cap and under it you can notice the pump. I was very happy to see that the bottle has a pump because the application is easier and more hygienic. 🙂

You have 10 shades to choose from and if you are interested in seeing the swatches you can do it right here. Continue Reading