La Mer The Oil Absorbing Tonic – Review + Photos

Hello beauties,

As I promised in the preview that I did a few weeks ago, I’ve returned with a full review and my honest opinion about La Mer The Oil Absorbing Tonic.


I mentioned in my preview that I have an oily skin complexion. This tonic is not only for women with oily skin like me, so anyone who has combination to oily skin can use this product.

I don’t know where to begin because the Oil Absorbing Tonic has so much to offer and I have a lot to say about it. The review I’m going to make today is based only on my experience with this product in the winter time. I’ve read some other reviews about women who have used it during summer and there were another great effects. A long story short, these women were living in a very hot climate or with very high humidity and the Oil Absorbing Tonic stopped the appearance of the oil on their complexions.

I will not get into details about ingredients, what they do and other general stuff because I’ve already talked about that in my preview. I’m going to go straight to the subject. Continue Reading

Review: Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Android + Blending Brush

It’s time for another Chic Review and today I will be talking about the Pure Pigment in Android by Illamasqua from their winter collection Dystopia.


This is the third review I’m doing on the Illamasqua products after the Nail Varnish in Velocity and Sheer Lipgloss in Explode and I’m really very excited about this one because black is one of the colors that I usually include in my makeup.


If you want something that you can play with, Pure Pigment is your product. It’s a metallic, high-shine, pure-color powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Mix with eye shadow, blusher or use it on its own to intense effect. Bring out your bold side.

The package

It comes in a very chic and elegant pot with a stylish design. The top is black and printed with the Illamasqua sign, while the bottom is transparent and you can see the product.


The price is £15.00 for 1.3 g  (0.04 oz) but you can also get it in a bigger size. The Pure Pigment is available in 12 beautiful shades, including Android of course, and you can check them all (including swatches) right here. Continue Reading

Round-Up: Essie Nail Polishes – Reviews, Photos and Swatches

I’m happy that I’ve finished reviewing the entire Essie Fall 2009 collection nail polishes so before I give you the full list let me tell you a few words.


I’ve really enjoyed wearing some of these colors, although they are not among my favorites and my usual nail polish style but trying something different was fun.

Two of these nail polishes really impressed me, with their vibrant color and chip resistant properties, but I will let you guys to discover them from the following reviews. 🙂

I was not pleased by some of these nail polishes’ textures, because even after I’ve applied 2 coats the result look unfinished. It didn’t seemed to me that matte bright colors are such a great idea after all.

So, here it is, Essie Round-Up:

Enjoy Reading!

Review: Essie Angora Cardi Nail polish + Swatches

Essie Angora Cardi is one of my favorites nail polishes from Essie Fall 2009 collection right after the Midnight Cami nail polish.


Angora Cardi without Top Coat – no flash

Angora Cardi it’s a deep dusty rose shade perfect for those who want a different shade of pink. 🙂 It’s a silky smooth nail polish that glides gently on your nails making it easy to apply.

After I’ve applied the second layer of polish, the color became opaque and with a gorgeous finish. No lines, no imperfections and with a natural shine, this one is a jewel that you can add to your other nail polishes.


Angora Cardi – no Top Coat

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Review: Essie Chinchilly Nail Polish + Swatches

Essie Chinchilly is a chic and versatile sleek granite grey color. I don’t know if you are into these neutral shades but I would prefer something darker and a little bit vibrant.


Chinchilly without Top Coat – no flash

My skin is kind of white and this color looks really dull on my nails. The texture is different, silky, smooth and easy to apply. I didn’t had any problems after I’ve applied the first layer of Chinchilly, it didn’t leave any lines behind.

If you want the color to last longer, make sure to apply a layer of top coat. I’ve been wearing this nail polish for about 4 days and it lasted OK so far, but I’m sure that if I would have applied the top coat I could have seen better results now.


Chinchilly without Top Coat – no flash

Chinchilly comes in a 15 ml bottle and costs about $9.00. It was really a common color among the Fall 2009 Collections but I’m not a fan of this color. It said to be chip resistant but you can see if it’s true or not from the photos bellow. Continue Reading

Review: Essie Bright Tights – Photos + Swatches

Let’s turn our attention to a brighter color!

Essie Bright Tights is the kind of nail polish that when you decide to wear it you must be sure that anyone will look at you, so a perfect manicure is required. All the time people were looking at my nails, so it’s kind of interesting to see they can’t take their eyes of my nails. 🙂


Bright Tights – no flash

Bright Tights it’s a vibrant neon orange color with a mattifying effect. I’m not so  into bright and strong colors like this one but if brought me a happy spirit while I was wearing it and I have to admit I was in a better mood only when I looked at my nails.

The Bright Tights comes in a 15 ml bottle and costs about $9.00.

I’ve applied 2 layers of this mattifying color but I was not pleased with the final result. The texture is very light, almost watery and transparent. After I’ve applied the first layer, I’ve noticed only lines, the color is not very pigmented and the result after the first step was terrible. When I saw this bright color in the bottle I didn’t expect it to be so transparent on my nails.


Bright Tights – no flash – No Top Coat

Definitely a second layer was requested. The final result was definitely improved as you can see from the photos but the polish was not evenly spread so in some parts I can still see through the nail polish. I couldn’t uniformed it as hard as I tried so I was hopping that after it dries it should look better. Continue Reading

Review: Essie Midnight Cami – Photos + Swatches

Hello Ladies!

After so many reviews regarding lip products I decided to make a change and post more about nail polishes. I’m planning to review 4 more Essie nail polishes and as soon as I finished that I will post a Round-Up with all of them.

Today’s Star is going to be Essie Midnight Cami a beautiful dark blue color. Just like the name suggests this nail polish resemblance the midnight sky. I’m into dark nail polishes but before this one I’ve never tried blue colors (I don’t even use blue eyeshadows).


Midnight Cami – without top coat – with flash

I bought this nail polish a couple of month ago from a beauty products exposition and I payed $9.00 for this 15 ml bottle.

Midnight Cami has a little bit of shimmer inside, very thin particles that make the polish shine on your nails. Applying a top coat is only optional, because I didn’t see any difference once I’ve applied the top coat on my right hand fingers.


Midnight Cami – no flash, no top coat

The difference will be seen only after a few days and if you will keep reading and look and the photos you will understand what I’m talking about. Continue Reading

Review: Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour in Charming – Photos + Swatches

I will end my Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour series with the review of beautiful shimmering shade – Charming 140.


If you want to find out more details about this product, what it is, what kind of makeup remover you need and what you should expect of it, please read this review where I gave specific information.


Charming 140 is indeed a charming color of a bright coral shade. A little bit shimmery after I’ve applied the color base and absolutely gorgeous after the second step where the moisturizing top coat made its effect. Looking natural, with a water shining effect and a vibrant color the Lip Color in Charming is a beautiful shade for the upcoming Spring of 2010. Its texture is fluid and light, easy to apply and colors the lips and an instant.


First Step: The color base


Charming – after applying the color base

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