China Glaze Towel Boy Toy nail polish from the Poolside Summer 2010 Collection – Review, Photos, Nail Swatches

Hi everyone,

I’ve been busy testing a lot of nail polish colors lately and my poor nails are starting to ask for a break, or a well deserved vacation. I have only two more nail polishes to test and then I will take a break and simply wear some base coat for a while.

Now I want to present to you Towel Boy Toy nail polish from Poolside Summer 2010 Collection by China Glaze. This is the third nail color I’ve got from this collection and if you are into bright shades you might just wanna try this one.

Towel Boy Toy nail polish

It’s a vibrant blue color, not really neon but I’ve notices some fine shimmering particles inside. As I just said I have only 3 colors from this collection but Towel Boy Toy has the best application from all 3 of them so far. I’ve applied 2 coats and I can say the application went great on this color. Continue Reading

China Glaze Sun Worshiper nail polish from the Poolside Summer 2010 Collection – Review, Photos, Nail Swatches

Hello my dears,

Today I will review Sun Worshiper nail polish, one of the six colors of the Poolside Summer 2010 Collection by China Glaze.

This collection includes only bright colors and Sun Worshiper makes no exception from the rule. A few days ago I reviewed Pool Party nail polish from the same collection.

Sun Worshiper is an orange neon, with very fluid and light texture and with a matte finish. Once I applied it on my nails I realized it’s kind of transparent so 2 coats weren’t enough to make the color look more opaque. I’ve applied three coats of Sun Worshiper and in the photo bellow you can see the result.

Sun Worshiper nail polish in 3 coats

I apologize for the photo quality (I still haven’t bought a new cam) and the shadows. Because the color has a matte finish I wanted to try and see how would it looked like if it were shiny. So, I’ve applied one layer of top coat and you can see the result in the photo bellow. Continue Reading

China Glaze Pool Party nail polish from the Poolside Summer 2010 Collection – Review, Photos, Nail Swatches

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I received a few nail polishes from the Poolside Summer 2010 Collection by China Glaze. I tested the Pool Party nail polish first since you know my addiction for pink. If you are interested in my China Glaze colors visit their website.

Pool Party is one of the 6 colors included in the Poolside collection. It’s said to be a bright color, a neon pink, but I noticed a difference in color after I’ve applied the nail polish and I let it dry for couple of minutes.

I love the color in the bottle, that bright pink almost similar to fuchsia but after the nail polish dries it changes to a more orange peachy shade.

Pool Party – 3 coats

In the first photo (sorry for the poor quality) you can see the result after I layered 3 coats of Pool Party. The texture is matte so if you like matte nail polishes you should give this collection a try. I don’t like to layer more than 2 coats of polish but this one was not opaque and I couldn’t seem to get the real color with only 2 coats. I can’t say that I’m happy with those 3 coats either because it tends to be a little transparent towards the top of the nail, so I’ve applied one layer of top coat.

In my opinion the shiny Pool Party shade looks better but you can wear it as you please. The application was OK, I had not problems with the brush whatsoever, it just picked up enough product so everything went smoothly.

Pool Party in 3 coats + top coat

This was my first time when I’ve tried a nail polish from China Glaze and I have to say I expected more from it.

After the jump check out more photos with Pool Party nail polish after 3 days.
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New: China Glaze Holiday 2010 Collection – Tis the season to be Naughty and Nice

Hi everyone,

If you thought that talking about summer collections in the middle of winter would be to early then how about a holiday collection? No, we won’t to back to the 2009 holiday collections but we are going to jump to the 2010 holiday season with China Glaze.

Is this news true? Well according to Nailmall, who was the first to post this news, seems like this collection it’s an early surprise.

We don’t know yet when the Tis the season to be Naughty and Nice holiday collection will be available but there are some photos with the 12 nail polishes included in this collection.

Here are the 12 new holiday nail polishes:

#878 Naughty and Nice – deep plum crème
#879 Sugar Plums
#881 Phat Santa – deep red crème
#882 Ruby Deer –  red crème
#883 Mrs. Claus – red tinsel glitter in a clear pink base
#884 Party Hearty – glitter top coat has a mix of red, green silver and gold glitter
#885 Mistletoe Kisses – green and silver glitter in a green base
#886 Jolly Holly – green shimmer
#887 Peace on Earth – olive green shimmer
#888 Little Drummer Boy – rich blue shimmer
#890 Midnight Kiss – gold shimmer
#891 Cheers to You – silver shimmer Continue Reading

China Glaze presents Rainbow Of Hope Collection

China Glaze launches a new collection called Rainbow Of Hope that contains 20 nail polishes each one named after a type of cancer.

If you decide to buy one of these colors you will help a different cancer charity based on the name of the nail polish that you’ve chosen. China Glaze will donated 18% of display sales to Cancer Research Organizations.

China Glaze Poolside – 2010 Summer Collection

After writing about all these 2010 Spring Collections, I though to take this post to another level and jump right into the hot summer season. Although we just entered winter and Holiday are near I can’t stop thinking about those summer sunny days when you get to stay by the pool and enjoy a fresh cold drink.

“Lounging poolside, sipping on a drink and reading the latest magazine…makes you think of Summer doesn’t it? The only thing missing is that perfect manicure and pedicure! Dip into the summer with some of the brightest and most amazing neons from the China Glaze Poolside collection! Perfect for fingers, and especially the toes, nothing says Summer of 2010 like a couple coats of bright polish!”


China Glaze wants to make sure that your nails will be admired all summer long, so it will launch the Poolside Summer Collection.


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China Glaze Up & Away – 2010 Spring Collection

Here is another fresh news about a Spring Collection from China Glaze. They are launching their new Up & Away nail polish collection sometime in January/ February 2010.

ChinaGlaze-Up & Away

  • Grape Pop Bright plum
  • Sugar High Petal pink
  • Something Sweet Cotton candy
  • Light As Air Periwinkle
  • Heli-Yum Raspberry
  • Flyin’ High Teal
  • Four Leaf Clover Kelly green
  • Re-Fresh Mint Spearmint
  • Peachy Keen Nectar
  • High Hopes Guava
  • Happy Go Lucky Sunshine yellow
  • Lemon Fizz Banana

China-Glaze-Up&Away-swatches Continue Reading