Silver Grey-new makeup style

Silver grey makeup accentuates your eyes. Wear this shadow in any moment of the day and in the evening transform it in smokie only by a touch of brush. You can get inspiration from the look proposed by Salvadore Ferragamo for this season: silvery eyelids, thin irisations on the inner corners of the eye and “naked” lips. As far as the eyebrows, we won’t be oversolicitating the pincer.

Try yourself:

  1. Sephora Radiance Mist – you don’t want your face to shine, but also not to be very dull!
  2. Lancome color fever gloss
  3. Chanel Fluid iridescent eyeshadow, 6ml. Apply it on the superior eyelids.
  4. Revlon Colorstay 12 hour eyeshadow. Use the most bright shadow to illuminate the inner corners of the eye.
  5. Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil
  6. Estee Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle lifting serum, 50ml.
  7. Clinique superfit make-up oil free longwear.
  8. L’Oreal Paris Khol Mineral liner pudre mineral. Line the superior eyelid after you had applied a silvery eyeshadow in a brighter color.
  9. Bourjois Blush tomette d’or.
  10. Collistar silk Effect Loose powder Golden Pearl. After fond de tent, apply powder over the eyelids to ensure the eye shadow’s resistance.

Accent on your lips – lipstick colors for autumn

Redelicious A romantic look, inspired from Scarlett O’Hara style assures you visibility in any moment of the day. Inspire yourself from the collections Dsquared2, Zac Posen, Moschino, Vivienne, Westwood or Miu Miu. Use the brush to apply perfectly the lipstick.

Plum&Berry Too daring? Not at all…lips on dark purple colors, brown or shade or black berry point out your perfect face skin. Try the variant “spotted lips” ( point with lipstick in some parts, then press the lips against each other and …its done), ideal if you are not sure of the lip-liner.

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My Top 10 beauty products

  1. Why stop at your face? T Leclerc Tournesol Bronzed Compact is big enough to highlight your whole body.
  2. Dior Golden Dior is a glitzy jewel hiding a secret – a cream highlighter for eyes, cheeks and lips.
  3. Bourjois 1 seconde Nail Enamel Tropical art collection in Pareo Irise gets toes beach-ready in a minute.
  4. A slick of Clarins Waterproof eye pencil in turquoise along the lash line is the quick route to beach-babe eyes. Continue Reading

Perfect Lips -anytime, anywhere

You can spend a few hours looking for the perfect shades… or you can choose from the ones I propose you.

Bright skin

Day: Sephora Lip Attitude Innocent Beige

Evening: Lancaster Classic Pink

Anytime: Dior Addict Ultra Shine Sheer Lipcolor in Shiniest Softness

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Makeup ready in a second

Wake up and shine! A tanned face is much easier to arrange in the morning. Use a self-tanning about twice a week or chose a product that you can applied it daily. My recommendation is Instant Bronzer from Ga-De.

Shorten your facial routine. Start by applying a base to fix your makeup and to avoid refreshing it later. I recommend you Boots No 7 Mattifying Make-up Base. Then, apply a fond-du-teint adjusted to your face; you can try Astor Air Mousse. Apply a correcteur to cover up the little “problems”. A close friend can be Clinique Airbrush Concealer. In order that your makeup keeps fresh all the time, i recommend you Clarins Fix Make-up.

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Sexy eyes!

If you haven’t found out yet, I’ll tell you: the look it’s the most sexy thing of your face. Your magnetic eyes are the guilty ones for, the way your are perceived by the number of guys who are looking at you. It’s not a joke, even the specialists says the same thing. You want to seduce him from one look? Here i present you three very hot makeup styles – chose the one perfect with your state of mind.

Daring: Eye shadows in jade’s colors give intensity to your look, no matter the color of the eyes. This look it’s very cool and gives you a lot more attitude. You’ll be sending the next message: “I’m not afraid of taking chances”. First of all apply a beige – olive eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, then outline the eyes with a green eyeliner, after lengthen the eye line with a cotton stick, to give an “smoky eyes” look. Don’t forget about mascara – when you are attracted to someone you blink more often! The eyelashes in black colors accentuate the message. To equilibrate this look, choose for lips a natural red and do not exaggerate with the blush.

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Wake-up in a sexy body!

Imagine that you could have a perfect skin and sexy curls just seconds after you woke up in the morning. How would it be? Come on, those are only dreams, but the sleep it’s essential for a super look from head to toes. Your body heals better in the night, and you could say that he’s doing it by itself, says doctor David J. Leffell also the author of the book Total Skin. So you can become very beautiful overnight only following three simple steps. Continue Reading